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depression Rx

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My dad has glioblasoma and is 83 years old. he has not been able to shake his depression since being diagnosed 3 months ago. been through radiation and now starting temodar. can anybody share their thoughts of the depression and what Rx are available to help with this? I appreciate it. This is a great site and helps to know you are not the only one to have the issues. Thanks and God Bless.

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Good Morning. I have stage 4 glio blastoma. When I was first diagnosed last July, I was depressed, scared and it seemed that all I could think about was that I was going to die. I realized that all of us are going to die some day. It was just a shock to know that my time might be closer at hand than I figured. It took me several weeks to finally figure out my course of action. They put me on effexor for my depression, or nerves, which ever one it migth have been. But it wasn't until after several attempts, that I finally gave this burden to God. I knew I couldn't handle that at the time. I'm sure that your Dad is feeling the same way.
I don't know your background, but trusting in God and letting Him guide my life was my only way of ridding myself of the fear and hopeless feelings.
My promise to God was, He takes my burden and I stay here and take care of my family. So far our deal is working.
I hope that your Dad is talking about his cancer, that is a real need in order to express his fears and desires.
I hope this has helped you and your Dad.
Stay Strong and Stand Tall.
God Bless

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Thanks much Tom for taking the time to reply- I wish my Dad could put himself in God's hands as you did. We never know how much people of faith we are until put into those situations. I feel that all I can do is be there for him and trust that God's will will be done. I am sorry to say my Dad's course has not taken him closer to God. He still is resentfull of heathly people. Sorry for himself. This has gone on for 9 weeks now so it has to be treated. I appreciate your feedback on the medication you were on. It always makes me feel better to know that someone else is prescibed the same thing or that I can sound somewhat educated when discussing options with the doctor. I dont know if effexor is what my Dad needs but I guess I was hoping to hear that others have the same feelings to begin with.

Good luck and my best wishes for making progress. Things can happen any day to give us all new hope and I pray something will happen good in your life.
God Bless

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