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Bile Duct Cancer

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My step-father was just diagnosed with bile duct cancer about a month ago. He had the triple by-pass surgery, you know the small intestine re0route etc. He is doing just ok now. He has lost sooo much weight and hardly has any energy. He was just admitte dintot he hospital agin..he was complaining of pain in a couple parts of his back. They are int he process of doing a bone scan to see if the cancer has spread as I am here typing. I am at sucha a loss and justreally needed someone other thatn my mom to chat with. Questions also like..is weightloss normal, what is the next step....

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Hi lilhill,
My heart goes out to you, as I am in the same situation. My 56 year old Father was diagnosed with liver cancer on May 25 - about a month ago also. At this point, they belive that the cancer started in the bile ducts and that the tumor in his liver is about the size of a large grapefruit. We waited for two weeks to see an oncologist because the doctor who found the cancer was a surgical oncologist and the tumor is inoperable because of it's size and location. The oncologist where we live wants to treat the cancer as colon cancer (even though it's not in his colon, nor did it start there). The treatment for colon cancer being 2 types of chemo and 2 types of antibodies. The oncologist said for us to get a second opinion (quickly). We literally had to drive and pick up all his scans, films, and reports and take them to a cancer center and put them on their desk before they would give us an appointment. His appointment for a second opinion isn't until July 6th. So, 6 weeks after his diagnoses, he will get a second opinion. It sounds like your Step-Father's doctors acted quickly in getting started, which is good. Since my Dad hasn't received any treatment yet, I don't have any information about the triple by-pass. However, I will say that my Dad hasn't had the surgery and has lost about 25 pounds and has very little energy. Dad also has severe back pain (especially when he drives - or does any activity w/arms up). He can usually eat in the morning, but as the day goes on, he has to be careful not to eat too much or he feels so bloated that he can't stand it. So your Step-Father's weight loss, back pain, and low energy are more likely due to the cancer or the combination of the cancer and the surgery. Did your Step-Father have low energy and weight loss before the surgery or just afterwards? Have you heard the results of the bone scan? You are not alone - I am here if you need a friend. I have certainly been on an emotional roller coaster. It breaks my heart when I see Dad having a bad day. But I want to be strong for him, because I don't want him worried about me being upset. He is a strong willed man who will give cancer a good fight - even if it is rare. And I hope that the good Lord gives me the strength for what the future holds.
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