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Finally Finished Folfox!!!

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Hello everyone,

On Friday I "graduated!" I completed my chemo for Stage 3 colon cancer that began in November. I will be scheduled soon for both PET and CAT scans.

That being said, it was a bitter/sweet day. One of my chemo buddies lost her battle to breast cancer on Friday also. We started treatment together with the same hope, fear, and wonder. As I continued to flourish, she continued to decline. Many days I felt guilty as I maintained my strength and spirit while she struggled so.

Shirley's funeral was on Sunday and I attended even though I was still a little "green" from my treatment. Her funeral was the fourth I've been to since starting treatment. Because I have done so well, I have tried to be supportive and get to know my "neighbors" in the inculsion room. Cancer has taught me to value each day and try to be a positive influence to whomever I'm around.

God Bless all Semi-colons and their caregivers!



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Sorry, folks.... inculsion room? infusion room!

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Congratulations Kay! That is quite an accomplishment. May God Bless you.


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Hi Kay,
Yaaaay, congrats to you. Doing anything special to celebrate? At least doing a happy dance?
I'm right behind you...have 2 more treatments left, my regimen has been 5FU and leuco, despite my being stage III also. My onc has been reassuring me that I was diagnosed very early, despite the 1 microscopically positve node, and that we have done the right thing. Sure hope he's right.
I read your typo as the "inclusion" room, which sounded right to me. Sorry to hear about the loss of your buddy. It is hard not to have "survivor guilt" regarding those who have lost the battle. It sounds like she was lucky to have your support.
Best of luck to you, enjoy your move to the "survivor" room, and make room for me soon. Independence Day is taking on a new meaning for me!
Regards, Judy

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My daughter has 3a colon cancer. Adjuvant treatment .  Second treatment done.. lots of scary hand pain . How did you get through ?

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Momma:  It would probably be best to post that question on a new thread.  I believe you will find the members of this foum very helpful, but sometimes looking at an old thread brings memories of people who have passed on, and also the treatments change over the years, so a fresh thread will be more relavant.  Welcome to the forum.  I am sure you will get many useful comments in a new thread.

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Congrats and Hugs Kay!!!

I a soooo happy for you. I have only had 4 of my 24 Folfox treatments but I am already projecting myself to Nov. when I will be joining you in the survivors' room!!! I am keeping fingers crossed that all of your scans are completely clear.

My heart goes out to your chemo buddy's family...I too have made some good friends during the short time I have been at my infusion place and they are all doing as well as I am. Hopefully,that will remain the case for the next 20 treatments that I have there.

I will be writing you to via email a bit later to ask you some Folfox questions, as I know you wrote to me about some similar side effects to mine.

I am soooo happy for you Kay.


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Dear Kay,
I am sorry to hear about the loss of your chemo buddy. But, hearty congratulations on finishing up your chemo. That is wonderful news. I am sure your buddy would want you to experience the full joy of the occasion.
Wish all good wishes,

Anonymous user (not verified)

Congratulations Kay! Go celebrate...do something special. Bert is right behind you....two more to go and with a little faith, a lot of hope, and many prayers, that will be the end of it. For you too!!!


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Great news Kay--hey--have got a comfy chair in the "survivors room" waitin just for you!
Very sorry to hear yu lost your mate Kay---I know how hard it is.
During my time at the clinic they had a young lad(17 y/o) transferred from the childrens hospital.He had a rare form of luekemia and I spoke to him often.He freely admitted that it would take his life and even in my sadness I tried to think just how brave this lad was---an inspiration to all of us in the chemo clinic.
When I finished my chemo I was sent downstairs to the florist(hospital florist)--I didn't know why--but was told to go!At the florist they gave me a flower in a lovely boquet---they told me it was a going away "survivor flower" from all the clinic nurses--what a wonderfull gesture!
I got somewhat upset at leaving them all--yep--I did cry.The sights I had seen--the cancer patients--the really great nurses(all angels to me) really prayed on my mind--those 6 months I will never forget!
I sent them a huge basket of goodies--I hugged them all--and I still return to see them each time I visit the hospital.
I too felt guilty.
I asked my nurse one day how she copes with all the sufferring--she said "it is people like you we know we have a chance to help, that make working here a joy!"
We all knew why everyone was there--we all knew some wouldn't enter the survivors room--that is why the clinic was filled with so much love.
I will NEVER forget that room as much as I longed not to be there!
Sorry Kay--it is the way I feel--I just needed to say my piece.
Congatulations again--your seat is beside me!
luv n huggs--kanga n Jen

ps--there is a seat here for Judy,Lisa and Bert--and for all yu others guys!!!!

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Hooray for you. Welcome to the "recovery room" or "survivor's room", whichever, it's good to be there!!!

I wish I were in Austin and we would celebrate. But don't wait - go celebrate and enjoy life. It has been a year (July 9) since I had my last treatment and I am feeling better and better all the time. You will be just fine. Keep in touch.



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Congratulations!! I hope you are going to Celebrate. I am sorry about your friend.

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