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Follow-up finally approaching

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It seems like an eternity since my partial nephrectomy Feb. 22. My follew up CT scan is scheduled for July 6. Been doing ok, but recently I've had some brutal pain on my surgery side, and aching on the other side. Is this normal? I'm freaked out by all these different suvival rate statistics. Any insight?

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Hey T,

I wouldn't worry about it too much. The partial is one helluvan operation. I couldn't even sleep on the surgery side for 2-3 months. And then I had some seriously painful muscle spasms for most of the first year after.

Four months is still a pretty short time since the surgery. If your surgery was anything like mine, they removed a rib, and had to cut through all of the large muscles on that side of the abdomen. That's quite a lot to heal, and it was 6 months before the bulk of my pain was gone.

I had some aching on the other side too. It may be normal for you too. And a year and a half since the surgery, I'm still cancer free.

My bet is that your cancer hasn't returned, and you're just having a rough heal. Let me know how your follow up scan goes. My next one is the same week too.

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I had a partial on March 11th and am going through pretty much the same as you. I have pain where whats left of my kidney is. I think the pain on the opposite side is just from over-compensating your muscles trying get into a more comfortable position. My follow ups are on July 8th but I am not getting the proper treatment from my urologist and PCP so I am considering changing them. Within 4 to 6 months of surgery for a stage 1 patient we should have a minimum of an abdomen, chest and bone ct scan. My doctors refuse to do these because I have an HMO and they are trying to cut expenses. Make sure you get what you need. BTW, survival rate statistics really don't tell the whole story, don't let them get to you. The best thing you can do is try to stay healthy and keep that immune system working.Good luck to you.

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Hey Ron,

Sounds like you've just come through the worst of it. Congrats. Most of us here have been there too.

Bummer about the HMO. I'm stuck in one now, and it sucks. At least I had a good PPO when I was diagnosed and had my partial. It's not that my HMO refuses to pay for the treatments per se, it just so far has not accepted any referrals from my primary. I'm hoping to switch back soon.

Good idea to look for a new doc, or set of docs since you're unhappy.

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boy, boy boy...do I know about insurances and their racket!!! We had to sue our PPO for care and won!!!! Keep up the fight!!!! Be blessed, LIsa

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Here's one for your stats. I had a radical nephectomy in Jan. 1996 and I'm still here. You can do it, too. Every day's a little better.

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i just had my first check up last month, blood work and chest xray, all was good, what torment you go through waiting, and every pain you think oh God is this another something, I go for ct in September.

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Boy, isn't that the truth about every ache and pain being another something... I found that exercise, even just a walk, can help with the achiness. I attribute most of my pains to stress -- Gee, whatever can be the cause of that?? :)


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Me too - I had a partial 5 months ago, and every ache and pain I get I think it's back. Got to stop thinking that way or it'll drive me (and my husband) crazy. I now have foot and ankle pain (for weeks!), and 3 doctors told me that it has nothing to do with my surgery, so I have to try to believe them!

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