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Non small cell lung cancer

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Hello, new to this site but hopefully can get some help from someone..My mother has been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer in the middle of chest. We know that it's not in her bones or any other part of the body at this moment. We found out yesterday that her blood work was perfect...My question to anyone who has ever been diagnosed or a family member who has this same type of lung cancer is this good news or bad? I support my mom and love her very much but I don't want to get my hopes up to high...Any help would be very greatful..She has had 2 chemo treatments and about 11 radiation...My mom has a great attitude and says that she's going to win this battle....Everyone says that her attitude will help her with the battle of fighting this disease, is this true? God Bless you and your family


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Hi Lisa, my name is Debbie. I too was diagnosed with non small cell adenocarcinoma in February of this year, also a stage III. The fact that it is no where else is great news. I'm not sure what her prognosis would be, that's what the oncologist should tell you. My prognosis was poor, and shortly after being diagnosed I had to be in the hospital for 6 weeks as my tumor completely blocked off my lung. I am now better and at home. I had my post treatment scans Monday of this week, there is much improvement although I haven't been to the oncologist yet, I listened to my report. I have a 2 1/2 yr old son so I am determined to win this battle like your Mom. You will know more after her first round of treatment. There are many people who respond extremely well to the treatment. And yes, her attitude will help. Does she come in here? Is there someplace for her to get support from others going through the same thing? My thoughts and prayers go with you!

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Hi Debbie, thank you for your words of encouragement and good luck with your battle...No my mom doesn't have a computer at home but we start with a support group next week..she talks with me alot, family and friends.
God Bless and my prayers are with you and your family!

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Hi Lisa, my name is luann and I'm a four year lung cancer survivor. I also had mets to my brain. I believe attitude is very important to your moms recovery. I also thnk it's good news that her cancer hasn't spread to other organs. This journey is probably going to be the most important journey in your moms life. She has a choice of how she wants to handle it. She can waste her energy fighting it, or she can embrace this desease and get everything good out of it. I believe very much that my cancer was a blessing. Of course it wasn't easy and I sure wouldn't want to go through it again, but it changes you a lot. Cancer survivors see and hear the world differently. I think it's one of the gifts you get from having cancer. When cancer survivors hear the birds sing, we really hear them sing. We see things differently than others, it's just one of the many gifts you get from having gone through cancer. I believe with God, leading me to good doctors (which I had many), good vitamins and supplements, family and friend support, meditation for me was also very important and also listening to what my body was saying to me. If something didn't feel right to me I didn't do it. No one knows your body more than you..It's important. I also feel it's important to get up every morning and shower, put on my makeup and got dressed. Sometimes I had to take a nap after that, but i did it everyday. I believe if "you look good you feel good".

Only God know forsure when it's our time to go. So I think you just keep on living your life everyday the best you can. Get to know your body, soul and spirit. It's a key thing in my mind. I better stop I'm starting to ramble. Sorry.

Good luck with your mom.

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Hi Lisa,
My name is Ernie. I'm a 2 1/2 year survivor of nsclc, stage 3a. Attitude is extremely important in this battle. Without a strong will to live, what's the point? Initially, I was incurable/inoperable. Radiation shrank the tumor by 75%. Surgery removed the remnants of the tumor. Chemo killed the cancer cells in my body.
Your mom is doing all the right things, - keep her on that track. It's especially important for her to continue communicating with family and friends. It helps immensely.
Best wishes for a full recovery. Both of you are in my prayers.

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Hi,bab49, my name is Debbie and have non-small cell cancer.I am a divorced mom of 5 children youngest girl 11girl&18 yr old son at home. My diagnosises was xmas 2000.Stage 3 adenocarcinoma & positive lymph node4.I had the 3cm tumor&lobectomydone(removed right lobe of lung) completed 28wks of chemo & radiation.I did have reacureunce approx.3months ago of spreding to spine & one rib. Later without tx. a pet scan drs beleive shows no evidence.However my pulmunary DR said pet scans are not accurate.Dr's gave me 3yrs max due to adenocarcinoma they stated no remmision or cure,well i'm still here.Ifeel pretty good i have faith and take one day at a time. This might sound stupid to alot of people but right from the begining i had the attitude who is guaranted tommorow? we only have today cancer or not.Does anybody know when they drive to work they will or could be killed in a car accident? plane crash?stroke?heart attack?see if we waste our time worrying about when we are going to die, we spend our days full of self pity,anger,etc.we destroy our zest for life, all that wasted energy is hard work.So I beleive we destroy ourselves before the cancer can.We waste what is important today ,just the simple pleasures of the day,pass us by.I did it for a short time at 47 i had myself almost dead & buried, that was 4 yrs ago. I still drive take short walks,go shopping, attend my little gils school events.Take one great day at a time, i learned to rely on my faith in god.I now take life on life's terms not mine.I worry less & only handle stress slowly,no big deal anymore hey, i beat the odd,s by 1yr & plan on keep baeting them as the yrs roll by with the help of good & a positive attitude!I will pray for you&your mom.If You can let me know if i can help.

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Thanks for the reply. I do have a question for you, my mother started complaining about pain in her right lung going under her breast, arm and into the back so we took her to the er room where they told us that the spot on her upper right lung looked as though it had enlarged. should we worry about this? we go to her cancer doctor tomorrow, to see what he has to say about all of this. she has put up one big fight and says that she will remain fighting until it's to late. I pray that she can be a survior like you one day. I each day that i get to be with her. I asked these questions due to the fact that they told us a few months ago she was 90% cancer free in the chest area. Please try to respond back, would really love to here back from you. Thanks again for the help.

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