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FOLFOX4 regimen for Stage 3, T 2

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Should FOLFOX4 regimen be used for treatment of stage 3, T 2 colon cancer after resection with one affected lymph node?

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dunno, but I was stage 3, T2 rectal cancer, and no
node involvement..now have mets to lungs 3+ years later. Some kind of adjuvant chemotherapy/radiation
is probably indicated; if you are not confident in your Dr's decision, get a 2nd opinion. Bud

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Hi. I was stage 3 (T3, N1, MO - one lymph node affected) rectal cancer. I had presurgical chemoradiation (recommended for many rectal cancers) then had chemo after surgery using 'traditional' (5FU and leucovorin). About 2/3 thro' my chemo, some research was coming coming out regarding the value of FOLFAX (ie the addition of oxaliplatin) for people in circumstances similar to mine. My oncologist and I decided not to switch - for several reasons. In my opinion, your oncologist or physician should be able to provide you with up-to-date information regarding the relative advantages and disadvantages of these (and other) treatments, for individuals in your situation. I wish you all the best with your treatment.

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Hi, I'm also stage III, 1 affected node, no penetration of bowel wall. My onc group has also prescribed the "traditional" 5FU and leuco. I do keep inquiring about the virtues of more aggressive chemo, but my oncs (and a second opinion) felt that I was early enough (small polyp, node was microscopically positive, didn't reveal itself on CT scan) that more aggressive chemo was not indicated. Sure hope they are right! If in doubt, second opinions may help. Good luck, Judy

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My mother is currently being treated post-op with Folfox as well. She is Stage 3 with multiple lymph nodes positive (all microscopic). From what I have read, this is the top of the line treatment for colorectal cancer. Her Dr. told her it was an agressive treatment. My thoughts are, go with the most agressive treatment you can! Fight the beast with everything.Though it is a newer treatment regimine, it appears to be the best option right now! Good luck!

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My husband was diagnosed July 2003 stage III, four nodes. He started on 5fu/leuc and was on it for four months. We then switched oncologists and to a major cancer center where we were told that due to four nodes being involved, the recurrence risk is quite high and oxaliplatin was added. Bert has been on Folfox since January 2004 and will be finishing up mid July. Originally, we were just going to aim for an additional 2 to 3 months...if he could even tolerate it considering he'd already been on 4 months of 5fu/leuc. Although the onc had his doubts if Bert just went on for 2 to 3 months because in reality we would have never known or received the full benefits of a six month cycle, Bert has tolerated treatment very, very well (considering) and thus has been able to go the full six months.

Yes, it's more aggressive but in all honesty, Bert has tolerated this cocktail much better than the 5fu/leuc alone. Perhaps it's the way it's administered...I don't know, but being at high risk for recurrence warrants the use of the most aggressive treatment. I'd go for the "gusto" if I were you....fight the beast from the onset...not WHEN and IF it comes back.


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I am also Stage III, 14 of 32 nodes positive - had a bowel resection 5 weeks ago and started Folfox 1 week later (I have now completed 4 of 20 treatments).

My onc determined that due to my age (42) and the # of nodes effected, this was by far the best choice for me. He is, as am I tho, very aggressive in beating this thing. Its not been easy, but its not been as hard as I had anticipated either. Everybody is different and every body is different. I would definitely be discussing this with your onc tho.

Best of luck,


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I am stage 3, 3 out of 31 nodes positive,and no bowel involvement. My CEA levels prior to surgery were normal, and I had negative CAT and PET scans as well.

I began Folfox 4 in November and had my last treatment on Friday. We, too, went with the more agggresive approach.

There are other patients in the infusion room with similar diagnosis as mine who are receiving the traditional 5Fu and leuv. I'm not sure why our treatments are different, but my oncologist knew I wanted the lastest and most aggresive treatment allowed.

Best wishes to you as you make your decision.


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