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Shoulder Pain

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April 30th I had had a thyroidectomy and many lymph nodes removed due to cancer. I know it is still to early to tell if my shoulder pains will be chronic/permenent, but I am still experiancing a great deal of pain, despite being on Diloudid. Any information on how often this shoulder pain is permanent ect would be helpfull

Thank you

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Joined: Jun 2004

Hi Tammilee, My name is Roberta and on April 15th I also had a total thyroidectomy and left neck dissection. I know what you mean about shoulder pain. My pain has gotten a little better day by day. Do you do excersises? Any type of physical therapy at all on your neck and shoulder? I would like to talk to you further about everything if you dont mind. I would like to compare symptoms with some one who has had the same type of surgery. If you are interested please email me at BBoston1961@aol.com. I will look forward to talk to you!! Thanks

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