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CIN 111

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Hi there I have been treated for cin111 and am due to back next month for another colposhy .Has anyone had any experience with this

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I've had experience with that. Only thing I stress is that you make sure they rule out any thing abnormal within or inside the cervix. This could be done with a Endocervical Curettage, LEEP, or a Conization, etc. Just dont let them under treat. They may reccomend a hysterectomy. Ask every question you have and discuss any and all your options. Keep in touch. Take care and God bless!

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There is a belt that was designed for cervicle cancer patients. This belt fit between the pelvic and the abdomen. This belt has elastic at the back for the back pain. This belt will enable you to be able to walk, sit and lay without any pain. This belt can be worn on top of the clothe or underneath. It is innerlined with sheepskin for the softness next to your skin. It has string going through on both sides so you can adjust it as you like. This is so everything can be held in place while you walk. Please log onto www.Cancerbelt.com for more information. Cancerbelt has a 30 day money back guarantee. You can order by phone at 901-382-9994.

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