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I'm cancer survivor, and I'm from Japan. when I was 13 years old, I got cancer, now I am 24 years old.I was hurt by cancer.Now I'm fine but I cannot make up my mind to understand my situation yet.It's so heavy for me to take it.If I had conversation partner who is people with cancer or cancer survivor, I would want to talk to each other about our experiences.And then, I am studying English and I'm really interested in English. I am looking for conversation partnaer who is cancer survuvor. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you

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My husband is a very recent cancer survivor so I cant talk to you about my own experience but I would suggest you try a site called Planet Cancer if you haven't already. Also what type of cancer did you have? I have noticed that a lot of people chat on the specific cancer boards. Take care.

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HI i'M 30 YEARS OLD AND A CANCER SURVIVOR. My last treatment was in April. I had a rough time also. But I'm better now. I just started back to work on June 1st.

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Hi, my name's Chris, I'm 21 years old and I was diagnosed with melanoma in January 2003. I have just recently finished my treatments and am trying to get back to my old life as much as possible. I'd be more than willing to talk with you anytime you want.

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Hi Chris my name is Kirstie i am 32 and have recently been diagnosed with melanoma. I am currently going through tissue removal of various areas....and awaiting my appointment with the oncologist...what stage was yours, location and treatment?

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Hi Smilef...

I too am a cancer survivor. I'm a two year survivor. I'm single and had a double mastectomy. I found my treatments and surgery were easy compared to now. I now date and deal with so many issues, do I tell this person, do I not tell him etc.. I actually think that I need the support now versus when I was going through treatments. It's hard to get the support I need and want because I wan't something positive, after all I'm not mad about what I went through. I just think I need to understand me and how I want to live now. The "why" will never be answered. It all comes down that I just want someone to understand me.

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