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Cervical followed by lung cancer

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I am looking for someone who has had cervical cancer followed by lung cancer. My situation is that I was treated for cervical cancer in 1997 and now have had surgery and treatment for lung cancer. I would like to share experiences with anyone in a similar situation. Doctors can not determine whether mine is a metasteses or a new primary site.

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Hi my name is kelly. I had cervical cancer. I have nodules on my left lung liver and thyroid. If my nodules ever change size, ill be in a world of trouble. Could you please let me know what led up to you getting lungCA. Did you have anything like me?

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I know this is the answer for your cervical cancer.

There is a belt that was designed for your cervical cancer. It is a belt that fit between the pelvic and the abdomen. This belt will enable you to be able to walk,sit and lay down without any pain. This belt can be worn on top of the clothes or underneath. It has string going through on both sides so everything can be held in place while you walk. There is elastic at the back for your back pain. Please log onto www.Cancerbelt.com for more information. Cancerbelt has a 30 day moneyback guarantee. You can order over the phone at 901-382-9994.

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I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1994. It is now 2009 and I have been batteling lung cancer. The Drs don't know if the lung cancer is metastisis or a 2nd primary lung cancer. Has anyone else had this situation.

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I was diagnosed and treated in '07 for cervical cancer. All my tests have been fine. Then a couple months ago I had a cough. My family dr did a chest x-ray and found abnormalities. I returned to the cancer center and was diagnosed with lung cancer. Since the nodules are too small they cannot biopsy them so I am being treated with cisplatin and topotekan for 3 days in a row every 3 weeks.
I've no idea if it is metastatic or a new cancer but I'm fighting it with everything I have and will continue until they tell me I'm dead.

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This is common metastatic site. The good news is that it can be easily treated. Mine was found less than 2 years after cervical cancer treatment of chemo/radiation. Small tumor was removed quickly, apparently no need for chemo. 4 weeks after lung surgery I am feeling pretty good. But expect to be closely monitored for the rest of my life.

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