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Grandma 047-UPDATE

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Hi guys--here is the last mail rec. from Stacey--Judy's daughter.
I have edited it but the basics are there.
Judy was initially sent home and spent 3 days there, however infections(2 different types-one is very rare) have forced her back into hospital again.They tried to remove her catheter but is unable to use her bladder so she remains with a catheter after a month with it.She is passing considerable blood in her urine.
Please pray for her as you have all continued to do so.Judy has expressed her love for each and every one of you and wants desperately to get better.
They are going to tests for the blood in the urine and a scan of her abdomen to look at the infections.She has not been able to eat due to the infections.Judy will now be rehydrated then more scans to see if they need to operate to try and remove the infection.

------Stacey has 3 children, 5,3,3 and is obviously very tired and extremely worried.
She thanks you for all your kind prayers and sends her love.

Let us all pray and send our love to one of our dearest "family"

"our prayers and thoughts are with you Judy--love kanga and Jen"

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Thank you so much for the update. I have continued to worry and pray for Judy....keep seeing that last posting in May on my friends list. What a terrible turn of events for her and her family. Her daughter must be exhausted from care and worry.
If you get the chance at some point, please pass on my good wishes and continued prayers.
Regards, the other Judy

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Kanga and Jen,

Thank you again for the update. Judy has been in my prayers and thoughts. I am so very sorry she is having such difficulty and I pray that she will recover very soon. Please forward to her my best regards and prayers for a fast recovery.


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Thanks for the update Kanga!!!

Does anyone know where Judy is in the hospital? The address for it....would like to send her something. I had an severe abdomenal infection last fall and know what she is going through.

Thanks in advance, Lisa P.

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Thanks for the update. I will continue to pray for her. She has had such a hard time! If you do find out what hospital she is in, let us know and we can send her some cards!

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Kanga,Thank you for the update on Judy. I will keep her in my prayers. I am so sorry she is having such a difficult time.The address would be great.

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Thanks kanga and jen for caring so much and keeping us posted.

My prayers to judy and her family.

peace, emily

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Sorry guys--I do not have a hospital address but will certainly send on all your best wishes/love and huggs to Judy thru Stacey.

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Kanga & Jen -

Thanks for the update. Please add my thoughts and prayers to the ever-growing list of those pulling for Judy and wishing to help support Stacey.

- SpongeBob

Anonymous user (not verified)

Kanga & Jen:

Thanks for the update on Judy. I too have been worried about her after finally catching up on the many posts that I missed while in Europe.

Please convey, if and when you can, our best wishes for a complete recovery and that we miss her very, very much. Please let her daughter know that Judy and she and her whole family remain in our prayers. Thank you so much.

Monika and Bert who are really sad but very hopeful and optimistic about this turn of events.

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Sending thoughts, prayers, and love to Judy and her family. I am confident her will to get better will see her through this difficult time.


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Thanks so much for the update Kanga.

I have been so worried about Judy- she has been such a positive person, I have been so saddened to hear what a very rough time she has had.

My thoughts and prayers are with Judy and her family, hoping that things turn the corner for the better very soon.


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No worries guys--the message to Judy is on its way!!!!
I sent her a big card with a rainbow on it to brighten her day.

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