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surgery follow up visit great news

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Hi everyone
Great news. The surgeon reported that the one lesion the cancer cells were completely dead the other cell had only 1-2 cells that were living. The rest of the liver is clean. Hubby recovery amazing. Doctor could not believe how great he looks.
Also the surgeon feels the side effects are not chemo related, more from the anesthesia. Should wear off in another week. Don't have to see him for another 3 months after cat scan. Had 60% of liver removed. Amazed that it grows back to full size in 3 months.
Will see oncologist beggining of july to discuss after treatment.
Would appreciate if anyone has info on chemo treatment for after liver resect. He is taking the pain medication now. More of discomfort than pain. The swelling is coming down. He can button his pants now.
Thank-you for all your kind thoughts. will keep you posted. going to find out about that new blood test for reoccurence. will let you all know. We received an email on the new test and sent for packet info so we can give to our doctor.

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Wonderfull news Carmen--'ol kanga was gettin worried about having to "beg, borrow or steal" a jet to come n make him take his meds.
GEE--3 months--I never thought that was a pssibilty--am truly ammazed what the human body can do.
Can't help you about the post liver resect. chemo but am sure others can here.
hey guys--great news to hear--lotsa luv, kanga n Jen

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Hi Carmen and hubby,
What good news for you both! Hubby must be quite a trooper. Also can't help re: liver chemo, but can tell you that my belly was swollen after each of my abdominal surgeries....it takes a while, but cleared up fine for me.
Best wishes thru this next phase...hang in there.

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carmen07 -

Great news! Will keep you and hubby in my thoughts & prayers for speedy surgery recovery and much continued good health!

- SpongeBob

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Hey Carmen can't help much with post liver surgery chemo but what fabulous news. It makes my heart sing!!!! I will continue to pray for a speedy complete recovery and much good health in the years ahead.


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