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Home from surgery

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Hi everyone
Thanks everyone for your prayers and kind thoughts. Took hubby home on Sunday!
He is definatley a lot more tired than the colon surgery and very bloated. He could not button his pants because his belly is so bloated. Hard for him to sleep comfortable in bed so he didn't really sleep well last night. Moved to the recliner and finds that more comfortable. They gave him pain meds for home, but he didn't take them. Going back to surgeon this week, to have blood work done.
The strange thing now is he seems to have more of the side effects of chemo (Oxi/leuc/5ur). He has more pins/needles in his finger tips even though he has not had a treatment since the end of April. Will find out more when we return to the surgeon this week. Don't think he needs to have staples removed. Whatever the surgeon used they dissapear. Also the incision is much smaller. He feels better each day and is very happy to be home. Much more relaxed. Will keep everyone posted.

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Glad to hear things are progressing nicely!

I am jealous that he doesn't have to get the staples removed! I had 57 of them---each one removed by an overly-cautious intern!

Best wishes for a smooth and complete recovery!


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Hi Carmen and Carmen's hubby--great to hear you have got him home.
The "bloated" thing is normal---I was cut from the pubic bone to just under the breastbone and had what they call "blind stiches"--ie; you can't see them---in fact the wound healed so well that there is now only a very faint line down my abdomen.
I wore a caftan for a week or two after surgery as anything tight across the tummy was a real pain.
Why is he not taking painkillers--they say that the recovery and wound healing goes better with good pain control.
Certainly he should sleep better with the meds.
Our very best to you both--kanga n Jen

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Congrats to you both; now on to the healing. Gotta agree with Kanga...healing progresses better with less pain and better sleep. Some guys think it's better to "tough it out", but we wimps would encourage otherwise.
Hope you both have a chance to catch yur breath.
Regards, Judy

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Glad to hear that hubby is home and doing nicely. Will pray for continued good health and healing. Thanks for sharing and take care.


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GREAT to hear that everything in going smoothly!!! I know how you guys feel!! My hubby was counting the days to his home coming!! It is so wonderful to have your loved one home and close all the time!!!! My hubby didn't want to take the pain meds either but I forced him to at night at least so that he could get some rest. It was a comprimise and it seem to work for him and his ego. He is a tought guy but they all need a little help every now and then. Best Wishes for a speedy recovery!!!!! Bob and I are pulling for you guys!!!!

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I know you are glad to have your husband home. Been there! I will say that my husband's last oxy, 5FU, and Leuc chemo was in early April and he still has many side effects. The neuropathy in hands and toes, little pimples on forehead, chemo rushes, etc. We are exploring some detox type supplements to work the chemo out of his sytem. I hope the effects go away soon for both of our guys! The best to you both
All Smiles

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Carmen!!--yu make him take the meds.!
'Cor--for your sake as well--it really means piece of mind to be able to have "both" of you sleep well!
Kanga's available to hold him down if yu can find a fast, cheap Jet!

Stacey---did yah "frame" 'em--tha staples!

Sue---I thought I was tough too--gee--yu wanna see tha cotton balls Jen had to dispose of--hey--yu keep pampering him!!!
I agree with Allsmiles Carmen--I stopped chemo in late feb.04 and still have some really tiring days.Even now I have small niggles that are an after effect of the chemo.
The metallic taste comes back occassionally and I still have loose teeth and the odd mouth ulcer.
While hubbies wound is healing he may get patrs of the wound that feel very sore--even long after it seems to have healed.I was told this "can" be the after effects of the chemo.
All tha best--luv kanga n Jen

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He is taking the meds. Stubborn man. Now he realizes that he sleeps better. Surgeon told him to take also. Glad to hear the great news on your test. Are you off Chemo? Did you have the port taken out??
Are you from England. I ask because of the slang.
My daugher's boyfriend is from England. Just got off finish talking to him on the mobile.
Good Health to you and your wife now and forever. Remember the old saying .....FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Carmen--I finished 6 months of chemo in late feb. 04.
"port?"---I f I should be so lucky--I had to travel 100kls each day for 5 days straight then 3 weeks off in between--did that for 6 months--real drag.I didn't get a port--mores the pity--so had to have a canula in the veins on top of my hand each day--felt like a pincushion and had the veins collapsing during the last 2 months.--real bummer!
UK????--nah----land of "down under"--Australia.Thats why ah talk so funny--tha slang is 'cos am "upside down"--he he!
FAILURE????--lol----that word does not officially belong to us in OZ--in fact in my vocab. doesn't exist!
Hey--yu look after yerself Carmen 'cos Jen knows just how hard it is to be a carer.
AWWWWWW--that goes for yah hubby too!
luv n huggies--kanga n Jen

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