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Husband home from RP

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Hello everyone. I have been reading your posts for several weeks now and finally decided to join in.

My husband is 46 years old and was diagnosed with PC about a month ago. He originally was sent to a specialist because he had large amounts of blood in his urine. After checking out kidneys, liver, and bladder they decided to go in and do a cystoscopy (look up close inside his bladder for lesions or tumers) and because his prostate felt a little firmer on one side they decide to do a biopsy at the same time. We are very grateful because it turns out his bladder was fine but he had Prostate cancer. His original PSA was 1.2 - which would not have indicated reason for a biopsy. It was the specialist who detected the firmness in his prostate and his general practitioner did not. Word of warning - PSA scores can not be an indicator alone. I have researched and researched and researched (I should be a librarian) - and find that a digital exam should always be done in conjuction with the PSA blood test.

Anyway, we have had a little time to consider options and even sought a second opinion. The radical prostectomy was his best option - since the urologist believed it was still contained to the prostate and bone scans came back normal.

He is an AMAZING man! He went in for the RP this Wednesday 6-9 and came home Friday 6-11! He has been home for one day and he looks so good! He has been walking and visiting and some people say he doesn't even look like he just went through major surgery. I am so proud of his courage! He has always had a positive attitude and I know this will make the next few weeks go better than expected. He says he hates the catheder - not that it is painful - just uncomfortable and annoying having to drain the bag. He has staples on his 6 + inch incision - but it doesn't really bother him. They did send him home with pain pills and he is taking them - but not all the time. I am so amazed that he is doing so well!

We are still waiting for the pathology report and I am kinda anxious. I know there is the possibility of follow-up radition and we are hoping it is not in the lymph nodes. The doctor is very encouraging and believes that to be only a slim chance. We will see. I am a little worried because both the specialist and medical oncologist (who we received are second opinion from)- are not convinced that the blood in the urine actually came from the prostate cancer. Though it can be a symptom - they say it is usually not in early stages. So, when we receive the path report and if everything is ok - we may never really know where the blood came from. Or worse have to start over if after time the blood comes back. Yikes - one thing at a time!

I have been involved with the American Cancer Society somehow or another for many years now, but have never used this site. I have found these postings to be incredibly helpful.

I will keep you posted.

Take care everyone!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! to you and your husband for having what would appear to be successful results from the surgery. Also, welcome to the CSN. Please have your husband fill our a profile so that future participants may review his symptoms, actions, and results.

From you posting, it sounds like your husband is progressing similar to the way I did. I am now a 3 1/2 yr survivor of RP and have never felt better, other than for a few other aches and pains common to growing older (61). It's very reassuring for newcomers to the site to realize that prostate cancer CAN be taken care of if caught early.

Again, congratulations and keep us posted on your husbands progress.


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It is always good to have GOOD news available to us once in a while.
Sounds as if you had an alert doctor. Much of our problems (male/female) if found in the early stages have great results.

Many just don't want to know, expecting it will go away if I ignore it or just plain fear of the unknown causes many to delay regular check ups.

Glad to hear all is going well.
Stay in touch.

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I was 46 and got my bad news. You have done everything correct and odds are in your favor. I
feel you made the best decision. The first path
report is the scariest but the following good news will erase the fear.

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