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surgery date scheduled

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Hi everyone,
I hope you're all doing well!
My surgery has been scheduled for June 28. I was not anticipating having surgery so soon and am really a wreck now. That's only 2 weeks from Monday! I feel like there is just too much to do between now and then.
Not only do I have a lot of dr's appointments, but in the next week, my son is coming home on leave from the airforce, one daughter is graduating 8th grade and another daughter is getting married. You can see why I called myself crazylady.
I appreciate the reply's to my first post about surgery. To answer a question, I just turned 47.
Does anyone have any ideas of how to keep my mind off surgery? I have a lot going on, but nothing that really challenges the mind, so I have too much time to think.

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Hi Crazylady,

I understand totally how you are feeling. I just had a colon resection in March and now I am receiving chemo treatment. I was a total wreck but after the initial shock of it all decided I needed to get over it and just try to keep everything as normal as possible. Surgery went well, had 1 pos node out of 30. Taking the folfox treatment, minimal side effects. Next week will be treatment #4. I'll be happy to share or help in any way. Best of luck!

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Hiya Jamie--gee--tough one to put in the back of your mind.Afraid it is not that easy--basically impossible--but nonetheless I tried to keep myself occupied.
Ask friends to visit or keep you company on some outings.
You are probably not sleeping too well--I know I didn't!
Trouble is with lack of sleep it seems to pile up and you just become more tired and that leads to frustration--not to mention even more anxiety.
I asked my doc. for a mild sedative and he prescribed a mild anti-depressant with a relaxant that helped me sleep.The only thing is that I had to cease taking them a coupla days before the surgery.
Time will sem to lag Jamie but you will soon be looking back on it.
Our very best for the 28th--luv--kanga n Jen

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Ahoy there crazylady -

My dad's wife was recently dxed with breast cancer and she's going crazy as well. She's cleaned her house from top to bottom and completely re-arranged everything (quite out of character for her - and now my poor dad can't find ANYTHING!). I know that's busy work, but I think there's a subliminal message in "cleaning out" the house. Sort a metaphore. I'm sure your kids will keep you busy. Glad to hear your son was able to secure leave - being a military guy I know that can sometimes be difficult. Just don't let them baby you - but at the same time, don't them run you ragged!

Hang in there - your surgery date will be here before you know it. It's after surgery that I went nuts; wanting to be up and about, but my body had other plans. When you're an active person it's kinda hard to just sit around for a few weeks. (and I HATED not being able to drive myself around)

Hang tough - enjoy the break!

- SpongeBob

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Hi Jamie,
Everyone's reaction to these situations can be so different. When my surgery was scheduled in December, I insisted on moving it up because I couldn't wait to get it over! But then, I didn't quite have the events going that you do.
One work of advice from a friend who is battling breast cancer is to remember that this is a time when your needs have to come first; you have a lot riding on this.
My high school age kids have been pretty understanding of my limitations; it's hard if you are used to being super mom. They do joke with me about having to "play the cancer card" when something is beyond my doing right now.
It was hard for me to give up the control that used to be so important, but focusing on what you can do and letting other things slide is in your best interest right now.
Ask friends and family to help, and take up every offer you get with a gracious thank you. My friends and family have been helpful beyond my expectations.
As far sleep problems, my solution has been small doses of Ativan, which helps tremendously.
Good luck to you, keep us posted.
Regards, Judy

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I remember that wait like it was yesterday! It was terrible!! I drove myself crazy thinking about it. I wanted the surgery the day after I was diagnosed so I wouldn't have time to worry myself sick. It didn't happen that way though, although it was very soon after. I am hoping that you will have a better time of it with the support from the wonderful souls here. I am sending strong positive energy your way. When you get antsy remember that we are all thinking of you (and that means at least one of us at ANY given hour!) and you will be OK! Hang in there toots, you can do it.
Hugs from a member of the icky bum club,

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Hi, we have similiar stories. I completed my pre-op chemo and radiation last year in May. Two days after my last treatment, we left for the weekend for my daughters college graduation. Two weeks later a son graduated from high school and three weeks later my surgery on June 26. I did all that while working full time as a nurse. You will get through all this and wonder how you did it. Good luck with your surgery. Maureen

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Thanks everyone that replied. The waiting is really getting to me. I have tried to keep things as normal as possible for my kids. I have seven, ranging in age from 12 to 25, and 2 grandchildren. 4 of them are still living at home. Judy, you are right. This is about control. I have always been extremely independent and have managed to function no matter what was going on. My kids are used to this and cancer, so far, has not been an exception. I went through radiation and chemo, while finishing 5 graduate level classes and continued to function like always. Now, it is getting to me because no one seems to realize what I'm really going through which is my own fault. I've always had a major fear of surgery because it is so out of my control. I guess I'll just have to get over that and move on.
Thanks for all the sugestions and positive support!

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My hubby just had liver surgery. He kept himself busy. Did a lot of projects around house. He was more comfortale about the surgery this time, because he was prepared. His first surgery (colon) he was a wreck.
Sounds like you have a full plate with your family. I wish you all the best, and hope you have a speedy recovery.
My hubby is glad it's over!!!!! It will be soon for you too. Our prayers are with you on the 28th.
(my hubby is 50 and I am 47)

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