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Biopsy Back

kerry's picture
Posts: 1317
Joined: Jan 2003

Hi everyone. Well, I got my biopsy back yesterday on the spot the dermotologist found on my arm. Wierd thing is I went in to have a spot on my nose checked and he said it didn't concern him too much, but the spot on my left arm did concern him. As my luck would have it, it came back positive and I now have to have surgery to remove it. (not my arm, just the spot) Can't believe they said it would be about a 45 minute procedure, but they remove all until they get clear margins. We all know what "clear margins" means!

Anyway, I have not scheduled the surgery yet. Will let you know. It's always something!!

Now I preach - have your colonoscopy and wear sunscreen!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


P.S. I have an appt. next week with plastic surgeon for the spot on my nose! Hey SpongeBob, get those spots on your "sea legs" checked, pronto!

jsabol's picture
Posts: 1156
Joined: Dec 2003

Geez Kerry,
You are right, it is always something. Eleanor Roosevelt said that everyday living requires courage....so upward and onward. The good news is that these skin things are often nothing to worry about once they get the bugger out.
Good luck with this procedure, keep us posted.

Judy, who wears UVB clothing, hats AND sunscreen since the chemo blotches my skin something fierce

Anonymous user (not verified)

Kerry, upwards on onwards....not too worry. Judy is so right....they'll get it and that's the end of it.

Monika who clads herself all summer long in long and remains completely covered up as she has sun poisoning beyond belief from years of lying out there with nothing but baby oil for "protection" HA! Can't even take sun for more than 5 minutes which makes living in southern California a total *****! :-(

spongebob's picture
Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

Hopefully this doesn't mean I have to cancel your reservations for that beachside semicolon retreat in Cozumel.... Just pony-up the zinc-oxide and party on!

I had a spot removed shortly after my chemo, too. Unfortunately, in my line of work it's rather difficult to stay out of the sun. The 5-FU supposedly lights those little melanoma buggers up like a Christmas tree. Sorry to hear you're looking for clean margins again, Kerry, but at least you got to it early!

- Solarcaine Boy

kangatoo's picture
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Joined: Feb 2004

Hy Kerry--better now than later--we have a friend here who has just had "positive" cancers removed from her nose and lips--really sad as now she is also looking at cosmetic surgery.
Gee--if it don't rain--it pours.
And to think she helped me and Jen thru our worst times.Then just after I completed my chemo she was dx'd--really very sad--but she has us to support "her" now.
Get that arm off------oooooops--I mean the spots off!
See--yu gone woken me chemo brain!--he he
Let us know how yu get on Kerry
luv n ((((((Kerry)))))---kanga n Jen

Kanort's picture
Posts: 1275
Joined: Jan 2004

Dear Kerry,

I was so sorry to hear about the spot on your arm, but I know all will go well.

One of my friend's father recently had a spot that turned out to be a melanoma. It proved to be superficial and his procedure lasted about 45 minutes.

You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Your messages to everyone are always so thoughtful and inspirational. It's your turn to be on the receiving end.

Oh, I almost forgot, I live in Round Rock, right outside of Austin.



taunya's picture
Posts: 392
Joined: Jul 2002

I hear what you are saying. I wear long sleeves and long pants even to the beach!!!! I didn't before though. Good luck with the surgery, I am sure it will be fine. These things usually are a snap to get rid of. Don't worry your formerly tan getting self at all.
With Kind thoughts and the best wishes,

cheer3's picture
Posts: 106
Joined: May 2003

I am sorry you have positive results.I wish you well, you will be in my prayers.

Posts: 1
Joined: Jun 2004

G'day. Would'nt believe it went to the doc for a certificate for a day of work.Told the doc about slight abdominal pains, turns out I got cancer. They took the polyp out with clear margins . Just to be safe they want to take some of the bowel out and the lymph nodes around the bowel. Is anyone out there at this stage.

StacyGleaso's picture
Posts: 1249
Joined: Mar 2003

Ok Kerry...you know what you need to do, so let's face this head on and put all this behind you!

This will be a walk in the park compared to what you have already handled, you trooper you! I expect nothing but a perfect performance. We can post-pone the Vegas trip...you are a key player in this reunion, and we need you there healthy!

You're in my prayers!


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