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Grandma 047-UPDATE

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Hi all--ok, was awol--but back 'cos Jen now has tha flu and that means no going away for 4 days.
Aww--she'll be fine!!!(specially with me doing the nursey thingy--he he!)

OK--now for some news on Judy
I rec. an email tonight.
IT reads;
Mum is still struggling with infection.The doctors are waiting to see if it will start to drain so that they will not need to do surgery again.They are going to let her know on friday or monday what they plan to do.They will do a scan and see if it looks like shrinking or not.With all this infection, she has been feeling pretty nasty. She has been doing physiotherapy for her leg and has been walking some also.Doctors say that she is looking at at least another 10 days before she can come home and maybe longer if she has the surgery to remove the abcess.She is frustrated as most of us would be, but trying so hard to smile.Keep praying for her recovery. Thanks so much for all the prayers that you have prayed.---Stacey

I know you all join me in sending our love and prayers and rainbows to Judy.
Kanga n Jen

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Thanks so much for the update. My name sharing friend has been so much on my mind. Please let her daughter know that lots of prayers are coming her way.
Sorry about your trip...the other Judy

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Kanga -

Thanks for the update, mate. Sorry to hear Jen is feeling puny. Hope she's doing better under your loving care.


- SB

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Thanks for keeping us posted. Please let her know we are all still praying for her recovery and continue to ask about her.
Sally Jo

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