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can someone give me some advice

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hello everyone.i had a pap test in april the first in 5 years it came back hgil moderite well had a repeat in june it came back CIS.i had a leep yesterday and now waiting for the results.so what is the chance it will be worse then cis?i so worried about this.please help if you can thanks

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Every woman I personally know who had squamous cell pre-cancers or cancers (7 women) had a LEEP and that was it. Everything has been fine for them since then, including kids.
I am the only exception...My LEEP showed I have glandular cell cancer, and will have surgery soon (in July).
But stay positive and know that no matter what the outcome (and you'll probably be fine), cervical cancers are very treatable and curable these days. My best thought and prayers to you!!!

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I am only 29 and had a leep and ecc done on June 14. My test results showed that I have cancer of the uterus and cervix. I am going in for a hysterectomy. I am told that usually a leep will get all pre-cancer cells or liasions. Your chances that everything is well are good.
Take care and God bless.

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hello my name is kelly, I am 29 just had a radical hysterectomy. I have ovaries only. Im glad I had a hysterectomy when I did because the cancer only spread into 2 of my lymphnodes on my left side. You will be ok. I feel great now!

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