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Update on my hubby!!!

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Hello everyone!!! I have been trying to give you guys an update but I got that stupid worm and it took forever to get rid of so now I don't have to worry about getting cut off!! My hubby is hanging in there. We were at the Doctor's today and he still doesn't want to put Bob back on chemo. He is too run down. His system isn't bouceing back as they had hoped. He is retaining fluid and 40mg of lasix is n't doing the trick. He was giving another 2 weeks off and then they might start up again with new drugs that aren't so toxic. Bob wasn't happen as he asked the doctor where he stands and he said that we are back to square one with the cancer involvement.So I am working hard trying to get his spirits back up. He loves working on his old cars so now that the weather is warm enough for him we are going to car route to get his jumped started again. Any of you guys out there or galls into cars? Maybe we can get him on this thing to talk to you guys. His new tatoos have healed up great and he is getting ready to put one more on. I have no idea what is up his sleeve this time. I will touch base later with the new drugs for some feedback. Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!! Have a question? Does anyone out there live in North Jersey? Sue

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Hi Sue,

I will keep positive thoughts for your hubby flowing from Ohio to NJ for you. Hopefully, he will be back to his old self soon.

PS My hubby and I are old car fans ...are you talking muscle cars? or old oldies?

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I will keep both you both in my thoughts and prayers and hope that when Bob restarts chemo the outcome will be good. Keep thinkig positive and don't ever give up. This is just another hurdle in the road that you guys have to drive around. That's all. Some are small, some are big, some can be down right potholes, but get by it or around it you will!


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Hi Sue and Bob--gee mate--hope you are able to build up a lttle for your chemo--the 'ol body does take some punishment--I have been off chemo for 3 months now and still feeling the effects--do wish you all the best mate.

Old cars????--depends on how old guys--I have a 1928 Austin 7 in my shed that I have been restoring for a long time--almost finished--err--then again maybe yu guys aren't into vintage old english cars?

best regards- kanga n Jen

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Hiya, Sue -

I enjoy turning a wrench. I don't have any projects that I'm presently working on because of my deployment schedule, but I love old cars. When I transfer off the ship, I'd like to get a place with a garage and pick up a 1959 Ford Fairlane retractrable and do a frame-up rebuild.

I am also thinking about getting a tattoo - but I want to wait until I'm benching 250 so I have some space for it. I'm thinking about a tribal band around my left bicep. Not just any tribal band, though - one that is modeled after the sea service pin I wear on my uniform; the folks that wear that pin are my tribe, after all.

Keep his spirits up and have him drop a line!

- SpongeBob

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