awol again

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Just a short note to say will be away for a few days until next tuesday(result day).
So you guys n gals take care and will see you then.
Thank you with "both" our hearts for your replies and support--we hold you all so dearly--and thats no understatement.
No need to reply to this post ---I know how you all feel!!!!!
Oour luv n (((((ALL)))))
'til tuesday-----kanga n Jen


  • Hello Kanga. It's me, you know, Monika...wife of no type. Just wanted to let you know Bert and I are praying that results will only be good news, and in our hearts, we both strongly feel that all will be well. This time is never easy, I know. But I don't think anything ever again can be quite a scary and as devistating as the first and original diagnosis of cancer. At least that's the way it was for us. If you and Jen are of the same mind, though things can get tough along the way, you've taken the "wind" out of the beast's sails and the "best is yet to be."

    Hugs to you both,
    Monika & Bert