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Hi,I'm 6 1/2 years out with NHL sm.cell follicular indolent.My immune system is not running right.Tomorrow I start retuxan,4-6hour treatments,once a week.First,time I've been treated with anything.Your opinion isn'tvery high on retuxan,folks.I can't do chemo because I'll have nothing left of my immune system.

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Hello, I have heard of many people having much success with Rituxan treatments. Trust your Onocologist and you should be good to go. Good luck. I originally had Chop/Rit combo three years ago for same diagnosis as you. Take care.

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Treatment of NHL with Rituxan is one of the best innovations in recent years for this type of cancer. I tolerated six treatments very well and am nearly 2 years cancer-free from aggressive, large B cell (stage 4). I concur with lad1, trust your oncologist but also the medical research. You could search on the Internet or go to www.leukemia-lymphoma.org. Lymphoma is very curable and I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

Take care!

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Suzann - tell me more about your case...my brother was just diagnosed with aggressive large b cell and will start rituxan/CHOP combo treatments this friday....how aggressive was your cancer....any advice for us....we're simply terrified.

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Hi Suzann, my mom was recently diagnoised with stage 4 large b cell and we are very scared. she is young 52 and i am trying to research as much as I can to help. congrats on your remission. my mom did two treatments or rchop and they had to intensify the chemo and add more retuxan. she is very ill right now. any advice would be so appreciated or to hear more about your story. thank you and god bless. sofi

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hello jo98-- i have had many rounds of rituxan and from what ive read it is the newest form of treatment- i recieve my treatment in houston and started on chop and went to rituxin but my dr. said that some people are treated with rituxin only--so dont worry- besides the side affects are far less than with chemo--and you can keep your hair--

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