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Okay, here I am again, whining. After two abnormal liver enzyme tests, I was overjoyed with a normal. PCP thought the synthroid was the problem. Gastro dr got all the tests and has decided that I need to have an ultra sound and a colonoscomy even with the normal. I was scheduled for the colonscomy in October, but they want to go ahead and do it now. So, after a week of rejoicing over the normal, I am brought down to the pits again with the thought of these tests. It is like a constant rollercoster ride isnt it? I was just hoping for at least a month of not thinking about this stupid disease and what may or may not be going on in my body. So, pray for me guys. Thanks

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Hi Franny,
Hang on during this roller coaster ride; lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way.
Regards, Judy

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Hi Franny,

I am new to this board myself but have benefitted so much from the support of others here. I will definitely be sending you all of my positive vibes, hopes and wishes.


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Hi Franny,
Yes, it is a rollercoaster ride -- and not an easy one. I will certainly be sending prayers and best wishes your way. I keep telling myself that it is GOOD that we have all these tests available to us today, and that I/we have access to them, and to skilled medical personnel. But, that still doesn't make the fear go away, does it? Thinking of you.

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Hey Franny--kanga not abandoned yu--still here n thinkin of yah all.
Still waitin for tuesday to come and my results too!!!
This 'ol disease is so tesating for all of us--unfortunately this particular disease in most cases just doesn't go away like other medical problems--it ain't fair--Jen and I get pretty uptight too Franny so know where you are coming from.
Hang in there and all tha best.
luv n huggies--kanga n Jen

"gunna say a few words to tha man above tonight"

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Thanks everyone! I appreciate each of you so much. I have been praying for you guys too..and kanga, thanks so much for your response while you are waiting. I also got a perfect email from someone who really brightened up my day. I think most of you most know from my postings that I truly believe that God is in control of everything and I know He is in control of this too! Yesterday, I just let satan play with my mind and I am better today. Still waiting on the scheduling call from the dr. I am going on vacation week the 19th and hopefully the ultra sound will be done before that and I will let you know the results. This board is such a blessing. Thank all of you and I will continue to lift you up in my prayers! Love ya

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Franny, what a ride...I know. Stay strong and think positive thoughts and be grateful (I know this sounds kind of wierd but....) that your doctors want to stay on top of things and do all the tests sooner rather than later. You're in my prayers and I know it will turn out well.


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It is a ride. You are right, I am grateful that my drs are wanting to stay on top of things and are so concerned. I can deal with facts, but what I have the most trouble with is the unknowns. That is when my mind starts going crazy and I let satan go wild. However, I am better today. I go tomorrow for a fasting blood test CMP and maybe an ultrasound. Whatever happens I know I am not alone in this..Thanks so much for your post.

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