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Finished chemo/Upcoming CT scan

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Hi Everyone! I don't post often...but I do read the messages every day. My husband just finished his 6 months of chemo for stage 3 colon cancer and he has a CT scan scheduled for June 21. I am so worried..I guess just afraid the ugly dragon will rear his head again!! Does anyone else share this feeling? When he had his first colonoscopy...the thought of cancer never entered our mind..and now ....each test makes me a nervous wreck!! Thank you all for the information and support! Debbie

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I know exactly how you feel as my husband is in the same position as yours. He has had recent surgery, unrelated to the cancer and is delaying his scan a little to heal from the surgery. He would not be able to take any more treatment at the moment anyway but I know it is a bit of a delay tactic as he is worried about outcome of the scan. I am so scared too and wonder how one would cope with starting the whole process again should anything be found. So, you are not alone. We just have to hope and pray that the chemo did its work!! All the best to you both!

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Hi Debbie~

First congratulations to your husband for finishing his treatment. My Dad has four more to go. My Dad had a CT scan shortly after his surgery (before he started chemo), and then again after six treamtents. Yes, I understand your feeling of worry. I hope everything turns out great. Keep the Faith.


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Hi Debbie,

I know you are worried and I guess that worry really never goes away - we just can't let it take over our life! I was stage 3 also and had 6 months of chemo - my last CT scan after finishing chemo was a bit scary, but it came out clear. My hardest time was finishing the chemo - even though I was glad it was over, it seemed to be my lifeline and I was afraid for it to end. But we must get on with life and enjoy every day we have.

Take care and enjoy the blessing of having each other. If that ugly "dragon" rears his head again, we'll fight it!!



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Hi Debbie,
Congrats to you and your husband. Everyone seems to get pretty nervous around teasting....just read Kanga's post a few down!
I have 4 remaining treatments out of my 24, and while I can't wait to be through, I'm already nervous about the "now what?". Like your husband, I never expected negative results from my baseline colonoscopy, but at least they did get the nasty cells out early!
Getting chemo makes me feel like I'm actively DOING something; the waiting will be hard, but, like every other part of this journey, we get through it. I personally live in fear of the preps for CT and colonoscopy, too, since all the prep stuff makes me hurl big time!!
Good luck to you both, Judy

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Hi Debbie,

I also congratulate your husband on completeing his chemo...I was diagnosed Stage III in May, 2004 and had surgery 3 weeks ago and have had 2 of 24 chemo treatments so far so I am not at that stage yet wondering if the cancer is gone. I will definitely think positive thoughts for both of you.

Keep us updated.


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Hiya Debbie---the waiting game is part of our lives now Debbie and unfortunately many of us have to live that game for a long time--I guess even long term survivors still have that dreaded worry on their minds but as the years pass hopefully it gets easier.
I too am awaiting results from tests--come on tuesday!
Jen--my lovely wife and carer has to suffer this anxiety as you do Debbie--yu are not alone and all of us here understand how yu feel.
Be there--full of love and support!!!That is all you can do--but look after yourself too please.Cancer sufferers understand your feelings for them--as I am sure your hubby does--only too well.
Jen many times got upset in front of me and was worried that this would make me terribly sad--sure --it did--but I told her to ALWAYS talk to me about her fears and she does---hey---"now we cry together!"
Be truthfull to your hubby as Jen is with me---we share the pain together-as partners, and thats the way it should be--we are both in this fight together--you and your hubby are both in it TOGETHER!
our luv to yu both--be kind to yourself, Debbie

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Hi Debbie:

I don't think there is one person here, care giver or patient alike, who doesn't completely understand and know the feelings that you are going through. I for one, as care giver, am more of a wreck about upcoming scans than my husband is. He was diagnosed stage III with lymph involvement in July 2003. Surgery removed about 14 inches of his right colon as well as the ileocecal value (connecting value from colon to small intestine) as the two tumors that he had completely eroded this value. No warning signs whatsoever. Routine exam (first colonoscopy...only sigmonoscopies up until then which don't give a clue as to what's going on on the right side of the colon) and whammo, stage III, four nodes gone. This was followed by four months of 5fu/leuc by his first oncologist...we switched to another and he has now almost successfully completed six months of 5fu/leuc/oxal to give him an added edge (considered "high risk" because of four nodes involved). His current onc has ran combo Pet CT scans on Bert every 8 weeks since January due to Bert's CEA climbing in January from 0.9 to 5.5 and now, but holding, at 9.0. Everything has always been clean but when CEA is at 9.0, like I said before, I'm a basket case before each test results. Take a couple of deep breaths, try real hard not to worry about something you have no control over and can't change, and most of all, and most of all, bear in mind that even IF this ******* should rear his ugly head again, it's early and plenty of ulternatives are out there and available. Stay strong and nourish hope and faith.


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