Eating/Nutrition after Stomach Cancer and treatment

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My husband had part of his esophagus and all of his stomach removed July 2003. After radiation and chemo he is now "cancer free". BUT he is having a very hard time keeping his weight on..he is losing constantly. He is having trouble eating..the food seems to stop at his mid chest..and takes forever to filter through. The doctors did a scope and found no obstruction. He is destined to use the liquid suppliments for life to try to hold his weight..but they are not very palitable. My question is: is there anyone out there who has gone through this..and can help by telling us how to doctor up the liquid suppliments..and eat little food with high calorie intake?? What did you do?? Any help would be very much appreciated...thank you from the bottom of our hearts! email [email protected]


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    I had my stomach removed in 2002. So far I've been o.k. but I am a bit worried about my weight. I lost 18 lbs during the operation, but I was a bit overweight so that didn't worry me. However I'm now losing about 1 lb a month. Not much, but if it goes on I'll end up a shadow. I'm trying all the diet tips they offer but nothing makes much difference. I think the suggestion of six smaller meals a day is probably the best route, but it's difficult to get into such a routine. If you get any useful answers I'll be interested. Not very helpful I'm afraid, but it might help to know your husband's not alone. Hope he gets on as well as I have.