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Hiya guys---'ol kanga needs a bit of tlc and spiritual guidance.Had the doc. jabbin me again for that red stuff.
(can yu get anaemic from too many blood tests?--he he)
Going in for ultrasounds to check for liver mets. in the mornin(tuesday here in oz) and am wonderin if yu guys might ask the guy in tha sky to be lenient on me?
I won't get tha results 'til next tuesday so the 'ol brain will be doin overtime---tryin ta think positive but yu guys know what it's like.
Hey---not ventin frustrations yu understand -- just need a shoulder or two for tha next coupla days.I try not to put too much strain on Jen 'cos she finishes up with more worries than she needs right now.
(I wonder if a wee nip of scotch would affect tha results--mmmmm--better not)
So--waiting game is on again
luv to yah guys--kanga n Jen

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I know all will be well, but I will say a prayer for excellent results from your ultrasound. It is a shame you have to wait a week for the results. My oncologist usually calls me the day after my scan to give me the results.

Your messages to everyone are always so thoughtful and supportive. Sending you and Jen a great big hug and plenty of well wishes from Texas!


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We are here for you and Jen and you both are in our prayers. I am thinking very positive thoughts for you. I know the waiting can be awful - you must be like me - I can handle what I know better than what I don't know or just imagine!! But I have a good feeling, my friend, that you are blessed.

Take care this week. Will look forward to hearing from you soon.

You now have more prayers and best wishes from the great state of Texas! Kay, where in Texas are you from?


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Hi Kanga,

I am sending positive wishes and prayers your way, 24/7 and high-speed.

I am in a somewhat similar state at the moment - went in for my one-year post-op CT scan this morning. (I had a colonoscopy 3 weeks ago - which was clear - and will have ultrasound of the liver next week). I'm trying to keep positive but I was simply a wreck last night and today. Waiting for the results is very hard -- and just going in for the tests stirs up all sorts of emotions. I manage to keep the fear at bay most of the time, but it rears its ugly head sometimes.

I am so glad to have this group to rely on for support - through the good times and the bad. I actually wrote a message today about "the Waiting Game" and then deleted it before I sent it. Thanks for reminding me so vividly that we can rely on each other for moral support through these times.
My shoulder is yours.

Tara (staying away from the whiskey, too, right now!)

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Hello Kanga,
I can relate to waiting! I wish we could all have sameday results. You are so positive and cheerful to others! You & Jen will be in my prayers.
Keep Smiling,

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Vent all you want...I totally understand about the bloodtests. I have felt the same way..(ie my comment about feeding the vampire..) Anyway, I will pray for you. I am not a patient person and cant stand to wait on results, but what else can we do? Anyway, the good news is that these tests are such a wonderful thing because they can keep on top of where the cancer is or in our prayers, where it is not! Keep on keeping your eyes on the Father and resting there. I know, it is a lot easier said than done...but it is the BEST thing

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You are such a postive inspiration to the rest of us, me being so new to this board have definitely benefitted from your spirit. You and your family are in my thoughts and wishes that everything will turn out wonderfully for you.

Please keep venting all you want - that is what we are all here for - to help each other thru the rough times as well as to cheer the good times.


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Big "hang in there hug" coming your way --((((((( :) ))))))).
I can only imagine what this waiting will be like, but hope the shoulders here help you through the next day.
Wishing you good results, Judy

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G'day Kanga--- Mate u just got to think of yourself as a "Born Again Survivor" Every few months a new batch of tests and by the time we get the results we've got ourselves stuffed in a hundred different ways ,Then comes a good result and like a Pheonix rising from the ashes comes the "Born again Survivor" Bigger Better and Stronger than ever. G'luck with the results I'm certain you will rise again..Ron.

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My handle is the name of my 2 year old boxer pup. She is the sweetest baby. Everytime you find your mind wandering (and worrying)about the test results, think about Scout licking off your whiskers. She loves to give free kisses. Until you get the results, I will redirect every kiss to you in Oz and will make sure some are sent to Jen too!!!! In the meantime, I will be talking to the big guy upstairs on your behalf.

Many sloppy doggy kisses to you,
Lisa P.

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My prayers are with you tomorrow. Big day for my hubby also. Thank-you for your support.
Sorry you have to wait so long. We usually have the results in four days. My hubby would love to have a shot of whiskey also, but I don't think they would approve before his liver resect tomorrow. Remember what Rooselvelt said............"FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!!!!!!

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Hey kanga and jen,

prayers on the way....

have a bunch of kiwis at my Farm at the moment. Great to hear the accent....though i know different from yours it's still from down under! :-)

Will be waiting to hear the news buddy. keep us posted as you do so well!

I have to say I am incredibly spoiled by the Mayo Clinic....we get our results the day of the tests! As my father says Mayo works like a Swiss Watch.

peace, emily who actually IS a "born again" survivor! heehee

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Awwww----geee---yu guys are too good--thanks for all your kind words.
Had the bloods done yesterday and gotta admit I had a little "session" with my lady doc.--that is the tears flowed again--cracked up!---just couldn't help myself I am afraid to admit--but she is very understanding so all went ok--kanga just gets worried for kids n Jen is all--they been thru hell n back.

Think I will form a "wreck club"---yu can be the first to join Tara!!!!Hey--all the luv from here too-----ah--yu won't need it--'cos the liver scans will be clear!!!!!

Hi Muggins--don't think we have had tha pleasure but nonetheless tks for your wishes--be good n be safe.!

Lisa p-----my cats name is "Tessie" and she KNOWS that I am crook--she is my "baby" angel--although Scouts kisses could put her off--ah--I'm willing to chance it--tks and there's a bone in "key b"

Hey Carmen--when hubbies liver starts to function without tha demon he n me better get together n "pickle it in wiskey--mine too"--what better way to kill them bad cells!luv to yu n a hugg from Jen for tomorrow!

Emily--say hi to them Kiwi's for me--accent-huh--what accent--lol?

To Kay, Kerry, Jean, Franny, Lisa, Judy, Ron--
luv to you all--errrrr---luv n huggs to tha ladies, Ron---yu get a big huggie from Jen!
and hey--I am no more positive than yu lot--just get my inspiration from yu all!
kanga n Jen-----c'mon tuesday!

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HiKanga, Such a long time to wait for your results, I sooo understand the stress of tests. Keep your positive attitude and you and Jen will be in my prayers and thoughts. Good luck..Maggi

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Sounds like a rough few days mate but us antipodeams are made of resilient stufff adn I know you'll pull through. Having just watched the kiwis lose in the cricket and teh rugby 7s to the poms I feel in need of a bit of good news from down under so let us know the results when they come through. Sounds like you've got a good doc there too if they are able to cope with a bit of emotion in clinic. Feel free to dump on us over teh week if it helps take the pressure off those around you- I'm sure Jen is having a rough week with it all too.
Not got the faith in anyone above ourselves here but we'll be cracking open a tinny or two to toast your best of luck tonight.
Thinking of you,Steve.

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Sending Prayers and positive thoughts your way. I know it's tough, but try not to worry.

Hugs to you and Jen~

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Hi Kanga, I am late to reply, cannot believe I didn't see the reply button, anyway I have been thinking about you and am sure everything will be fine. The waiting is the one of the worst parts of this game but it will all be good. I have decided cancer doesn't like gritty people and everyone here seems to have an awful lot of grit. Think good thoughts along with the rest of us!

Take Care,

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