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Warning signs

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I am 63. The 1st I guessed that I had a problem is when I read that bladder incontinence was a syptom. Until I had never been tested. I forced myself to a clinic. Both tests PSA 8 ( 4 weeks apart). When I read the PSA levels of others before treatment I think I am so lucky. There is a lot of optimism if CAUGHT early enough ( I hope !!) The op is in 3 weeks and will entail full removal. I am told a tube is inserted and it is sucked out. Any comments? My surgeon appears young and very calmly confident!! Are Kagels difficult for a very lazy guy like me? I am 230 pounds but I am 6 feet 7 inches.Great news board. If any other readers in Hong Kong call me, please.

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Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer help me learn alot. Sorry I can't help in Hong Kong.

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I am a 3 1/2 yr survivor of RP. Your statement of removal by suction puzzles me, but I can't say as I remember the exact method of removal. I do remember that recovery was, in my case, quite painless. The incision from my surgery is approximately 6" in length (horizontal) just above my pubic hair. The catheter was removed after 10 days and within 1 week of surgery I was walking progressively up to 1 mile per day. Returned to work (management) within a month. The Kegel exercises are not painful at all. It is the re-training of your abdominal muscles to compensate for the removal of the prostate. The prostate did serve as somewhat of a "valve" for controlling release of urine. You should begin the exercises now and continue until surgery. After a while the exercise will become second nature. You MUST remember, however, that everyone is different and therefore recovery will vary accordingly.
If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to e-mail me at the address listed in my profile.

Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress.


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I dont know how they can SUCK out the prostate--it seems that in the process the nerves the cause you to get an erection would be sucked out at the same time--I dont know if you have done your homework but the nerves are like a celophane wrapper around the prostate and literaly thousands of nerves all intertwined--I opted for the radical prostectomy--they go in through your abdomin--like I told the Dr.--that is the ONLY SURGERY I will let anyone do on me--I want you to open me up and shine floodlight in there so you can SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING--the idea of doing the kind of surgery you are talking about just scares the hell out of me--the RP has been dont many-many thousands of times and with good results--Il stick to a sure thing--e-mail me if you want and Il give you the name of a good Dr.
Best of luck--Morris

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