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Being brave

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I am going in for a trachelectomy next week, I live in France so already everything is in French so I have to translate all the medical terms that I don't understand. I have 3 kids the youngest 5 months (he nearly didn't make it, but my cells actually got worst during the pregnancy). I know that after they take part of my cervix out it could well be all over but on the otherhand the part they send off to the lab to see if its gone further could come back with other results. Is there anyone else at this early stage and going through this operation in the next few days?

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I had a trachelectomy last year. There are some interesting articles online in English. First they test the lymph nodes to see if they are clear. If not, they cannot proceed w/ any surgery. If they are clear and then the margins on the removed portion of the cervix are clear, they will proceed with the trachelectomy. If not, I believe they do a hysterectomy. Good luck and have faith. Trust in the love of your family.

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I believe you are in the best city to have this operation. I was the 1st patient at my hospital to have a radical adbominal trachelectomy. During my operation, only my cervix was removed, since while I was on the operating table samples of my lymph nodes, uterus and surrounding tissue showed normal cells. A cerlage or stitch was placed at the bottom of my uterus to act as a false cervix for future pregnancy.So, there is still a chance of hope that I will be able to have another child. I will be classified as a high risk pregnancy, but there is hope. I have a 3 month check up in 2 weeks to make sure all of my cells are healing normal. Go to amazon.com and search for trachelectomy and you will find info and studies. Best of luck to you. Keep me posted.
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Congrats to all of you who have had successful treatment. I too had a trachelectomy. All has gone well since, but I have still been unable to get pregnant. But, women have with this surgery.
contact me at postalgirl@earthlink.net if anyone wants to share stories.

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