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Inoperative Pancreatic Cancer

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Does anyone know of any clinical trials accepting people, in the Boston area? I am desperate to find something for my husband. He'll begin intense radiation and chemo in about a month, but I'm not hopeful. Please help. Thanks, Paula

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If you go to the Pan Can site there is alot of info there. Yuo can call or E-Mail them and they will give you alot of info.

I hope this helps,

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Hello and sorry to hear about your husband

I have used a web site for information on clinical trials and other information about cancers.
It is called Veritas Medicine.org
you can get clinical trial information sent to you about specific cancers. Mine is breast cancer. I use it also for pancreatic cancer information. Organization called PANCAN is good one to look up, too. www.pancan.org.

Take care and keep the spirit.
((((((((Hugs to you both))))))

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hi there i no Dana Farber has one going, but sorry i dont no the name of it. Dennis

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I'm am in a phase 1 clinical trial for pancreatic cancer at Dana Farber. Please email me here at "hammer-pilot" and I can give you some info

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