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Liver Surgery date set

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Hi Everyone
Will give you a brief history. My husband had colon surgery Oct. 03. Two small lessions mets to liver (8mm/1). Treated with 8 rounds of Oxi/Lecoravorin/5ur (sorry not sure of spelling) one week on/one week off. After 8 rounds one lession is no more visible and 1 is 5mm. Had Cat/Scan and Colonscopy again since his first Colonscopy they could not see his entire colon due to total blockage. Lymph 1/16 positive.
Will have Surgery this Tues. for removal of right lobe. Had a 9th treatment four weeks ago, until surgery date set and of course numerous pre-op test. We were told that this is the most aggressive treatment for cure.
Will have chemo after surgery also. Not sure of chemo drugs yet, but know Avastin will be used.
Scared for my hubby, and pray to God that he does as well as he did for his colon surgery.
The surgeon adviced him to try to exercise before surgery because the better shape your in the more speedy the recovery will be (not that easy to get in shape with the sides of chemo).
Read lots of your postings and responded to some. This site has been a blessing for me. Don't know all of you names, but to those of you who have answered my letters on liver resection - Thank-you. Will keep you posted everyone. My prayers and best thoughts to all of you - Cure for all.

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Hi Carmen- It is great to hear that your husband has had response to chemotherapy. I have not had liver lobe resection so I am not sure how to compare this with other surgeries.

I think you have a smart surgeon. My surgeon also recommended exercise prior to a major surgery I had for peritoneal mets. He told me that people in good condition tolerate anesthesia better as well as recuperating more quickly. I joined a gym, walking on treadmill and lifting weights. I did more during the break from chemo. I really think it helped a bunch.

My prayers go out to you and your husband for a smooth and sucessful surgery.

Best wishes,


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Hiya Carmen--hey--all the best to your hubby from OZ.I was a relatively active person before my surgery and was told that was good--promotes the healing process.I guess it would be hard for hubby as I know how fatigued/tired one gets on the chemo.
I took a course of multivitamins several weeks before surgery--but let the specialist know what I was doing.

Understand you are scared for hubby--only god knows just how scared Jen was before my surg.We send our luv and best wishes Carmen and hope all will go well on tuesday.
huggs for you both--kanga n Jen

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Ahoy, carmen07 -

So good to hear that your hubby is responding to chemo. Ask Stacey about the liver resection stuff - she's the old (Stacey, I used the term "old" figuratively, dear) hand at that stuff. She has a great story - see her personal page (StacyGleaso).

You guys hang in there - sounds like you're going to be anothergreat success story. I'll be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Be well

- SpongeBob

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Hi Carmen,

I was so glad to hear of your husband's great response to oxal., leu., and 5 FU. I will keep you both in my heart and prayers tomorrow when he has his surgery. Keep us posted!



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