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Another Cancer!

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I went to the doctor for a check up and all news regarding my colon cancer was good. My blood work continues to be good ( a little low on the white count) but otherwise good. He even said that the odds are in my favor of a complete recovery with no recurrance. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. However, this disease does raise its ugly head in other areas. I am now scheduled to go to the dermotologist next Monday to have a "suspicious" spot on my nose biopsied. Just when you slay one dragon, another pops up to take its place. Wish me luck on Monday. I'll let you know what happens.

Everyone have a good weekend. And Sponge, if you are out there, good sailing. It is good to hear from you. Hiya Kanga, give Jen my best.


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Kerry -

How-dee! I got back in yesterday afternoon. Sitting here at my desk today working through about 400 lbs of mail. Ugh. Now I know why some of those folks go "postal".

So glad to hear you're doing well. I've got an odd spot on my leg I need to get checked out - thanks for the reminder. You can't be too careful. Let's hope we're both just changing our spots and nothing more!


- SpongeBob

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Hi - I have rectal cancer mets to lungs, and also belong to my derm doc's "4 month club"...so far he has removed a squamous cell and a basel (sp)cell cancer from my back, and usually finds something to either freeze or biopsy every visit..
I was a California kid, and have a lot of sun damage-(solar keritosis) just keep watching for
"suspicious" spots, and make regular visits to your derm doc. I think we become more prone to all
types of cancer as we age, but then the disease isn't always a respector of age.. Bud

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Hiya Kerry--you are about the same stage as me at the moment although I think you finished your chemo a while back(finished mine in late feb).
Good to hear yu doin ok and hope it continues with good results.
My gp is now arranging ultrasound/bloods every 3 months--what are your post chemo tests?
Strange you should mention the skin cancers--we have a close (lady) friend here who is goin in on tuesday for removal of a malignant tumour on her lip and nose.Of course we are watching her carefully as she was great support to us during my treatment.
She did have others removed last week but both were benign thank god.
All our luv n prayers to yah Kerry--thinkin bout yah.
Hey--give me a hugg--he he--for monday as I will be in the surgery for a visit to confirm my u/sound/blood appointments.
luv--kanga n Jen

Hey Bob--don't be too hard on the posties--guess who was one for 30 years!!!!!!!lol

Bud--not talked for a while mate--sendin a hugg from Jen.
-----if'n yah think I'm gunna throw yah a kiss yah got another thing comin--lol
b safe n well bud.

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Hi Kerry,
It's always something, eh? The good news is, as you've been hearing, soooo many people have "sunspots" that just need to get removed. Here's hoping yours is of the minor variety. Can't wait to see what my dermatologist makes of my mulithued and blotchy chemo skin!!
And what good news about your colon cancer check-ups, keep up the good work.
Hang in there and keep us posted. Regards, Judy

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