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Just went for my MRI last was clean as a whistle! HURRAY, HURRAY!! They took me off of Dilantin..I had no idea that stuff was making me feel so bad till I had been off of it for about 4 days..and suddenly I began to feel like my old self for the first time in nearly a year!! I don't have to go back until November for another MRI!! celebrate, hubby and I are going hot air ballooning for our 5th wedding anniversary next month! I have always wanted too...and I figured I better get busy doing the things I have always wanted to never know what tomorrow live TODAY!!!


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    I'm SO happy for you!!!!!!! Enjoy this time, and all of your future!!!!!!!!
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    That's fantastic news chiligrl! Enjoy to the fullest! God Bless!
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    That is such great news, and I know you are sooo very HAPPY. You have so much to offer others that might be struggling. Keep searching for those around you, and give.

    God Bless
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    Congratulations on your remission. I am new to CSN. I am a senior at Temple University in P hiladelphia. I am in a class called Magazine Article Writing. We are pretending that we are writing for a cancer magazine and we have been assigned various assignments relating to cancer. Our next assignment is to interview someone who has the cancer we were assigned. I was assigned brain cancer. So I had no idea how to find someone with brain cancer. It seemed really personal and I didn't think anyone would want to talk to me. But I'm taking the chance anyway. We will not actually be publishing a magazine, it's just for classroom puproses. Only our classmates and our teacher will read our interview. So I wanted to know if you would be willing to talk to me, well chat with me. I'm not sure of your whole story but if this seems like something you would be interested in please let me know before Saturday, June, 19. If not, if you know someone else with brain cancer or someone who has lost a loved one due to brain cancer please pass this information along. Well enjoy your day and thank you for your time.