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Hello again everyone -

I wanted to thank everyone who answered to the question I had about my mom's vomiting. She seems to be okay now and she has not had any more problems.

I noticed that in some of your responses you mentioned "blockages" and "abdominal adhesions" -- I can't help but get very scared when I hear those terms. Does a blockage mean somthing cancerous and is an adhesion a cancerous adhesion?

Thanks again for all your help !

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Hi, Can't answer from personal experience, but being a nurse helps. People can get intestinal blockages because the some areas of the intestine might be narrowed dues to scarring. Certain kinds of scarring are called adhesions, where tissue literally adheres to a place that it should not. Neither condition means cancer, but of course, a blockage may sometimes be due to a tumor.
Side note, when I was in the hospital for my colectomy, my roomate, who was 1 year post stomach reduction surgery, was admitted for an intestinal blockage due to eating too many soy nuts! So much for a healthy diet. The blockage is sometimes due to too much roughage getting stuck, which she eventually passed on a low residue diet.
It's hard not to worry about the "what ifs", but I'm so glad your mom is feeling better. Have you and she had a chance to be in touch with other "osto-mates"? May help!
Hang in there, Judy

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I am so glad your mother seems to be on the mend. The adhesions I mentioned were actually scar tissue from my original colon resection. I was hospitalized twice after surgery due to these adhesions causing a blockage. The wonderful nasal tube was inserted to give my intestines a rest. My surgeon told me if it happened a third time, I would have to have additional surgery. I started taking Vitamin E and massaging my stomach and I have not had any more problems. My oncologist said that sometimes they will self-absorb. I didn't realize how quickly one can dehydrate from vomiting. I hope your mom will have no further problems.



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Hi again Vanser.In my case there were 3 tumours found in the region from the rectum up the sigmoid colon.I was fortunate that only one was cancerous, however it was determined fairly likely the other 2 would turn cancerous.
That did not necessarily mean they would but it was on the cards.These tumours usually develope from "polyps" and "can" be genetically related.The surgeon removed approx. 1/3 of my colon to be sure all polys and the 3 tumours were removed.
The cancerous tumour--the higher up of the 3 was causing a major blockage of my colon--the major symptoms of which were nausea/vomiting/diarrhea/stomach cramps.
Of course a person can have a blockage caused by either; non-cancerous/cancerous tumours or, as already stated by Kay and Judy(adhesions)-----HIYA GUYS!

So without getting too dramatic there are many causes for blockages--but it does not necessarily mean cancer.

Hope this answers your question and all the best to mum.
best wishes--kanga n Jen

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