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Total basket case after RP-Help

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Had RP 4 wks. ago, catherder removed (more painful than surgery) after 3 wks. Im incontinent and the dr. said my sex life is over. I had psa of 26 before surgery and .1 after. Now the dr. wants radiation every day for 6 wks. and lupron shot. I have heard the side effects of the rad. and the lupron shot are rather hard to bear. With a psa of .1, I think I want to wait a few months to get over this mental state I am in. Or maybe its not necessary for rad. and lupron. I sometimes feel the urologist, radiologist and the encologist prescribe overkills on treatment, to cover themselves and bump up the bills. I have no family here and every day is bad. I sure get upset at the uncontrollable dripping of urine, saturates the pads I wear and soaks my clothes. Just unreal. Thanks for reading this.

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Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear of your problems following the RP. However, it does sound promising that all the cancer was removed with the post surgery PSA reading. As for the incontinence, are you regularly practicing the kegel excercises?? This is very important if you are to train your muscles to retain the urine. As for the sex issue, there are numerous options available, some expensive, some not so expensive. The one thing you must do is make every effort to be positive about the issues at hand and you will eventually overcome the difficulties.

Best of luck,


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For those who were not harmed by radition, accept my applogy, but, I was told that Rdiation and seeds had a high succes rate and went that route.
My PSA jump after one year and I had a Salvage Radical Prostatectomy. The good news is that it worked and I seem to be cancer free. Of course, you know only time will tell.

My worst problems are from the older radiation and seed treatment. If I had never had it, my live would be much better. Nothing can remove the internal damage to the one valve I have left. It is hard to find someone to even discuss Incontinence after all of this.

Please listen, I found a doctor who recommend a Cunningham Clamp and I have worked full time for over a month. I have had some irratation this week, but I am a SURVIVOR. and you can be one as well. Listen to the doctor and always get a second opinion somewhere. The pray about it and wait a few days. You will make a better decision.
I was a little hasty the first time around. I can not erase my mistakes.

You will be in my prayers tonight.

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If the doctors thought you needed radiation and Lupron which is what I had why did thay do an RP first? The radiation and Lupron is no walk in the park and the benefit is questionable. Im only 53 years old and I have no idea how old you are, but I would recommend putting off further treatment for now. Sounds like you have enough to deal with for the time being.

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Sorry to hear about your problems. Seems that all of us have some complications. I had RP 8-1/2 years ago followed by radiation. I didn't need Lupron, at least not yet. Hopefully, your incon will get better with time and exercise. I had the opposite problem - had to have caths put back in twice and had to use self-cath for several months. Hang in there - I found that RP is a journey not always a short trip.

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You have a lot of friends at thhis site. It is a bummer after surgery. A guy gets beat up mentally more than he thinks. I went wtih Cath for 3 weeks also, and had some problems afterward. It does get better with time, but sometimes it seemed like I went backward, but usually when I was doing some physical activity that I hadn't done since before RP. Keep in touch with all of us - we have all been there and are all one family. God Bless.

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I hope the words of those that have responded to you have helped you some. I had my RP about 19 months ago and know EXACTLY what you are going thru. Please believe me, things will get better for you but you just have to give it a little time. When you wrote your note, the catheter had only been out for a week or so and you have a lot of healing yet to do. I felt the same way early on but things did get better. Do your Kegels, thank your stars that the cancer is gone and focus on the positives in your life.
Wishing you the best, Sailor

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