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CMP Again

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Hi everyone. I went to the dr again last Friday for them to do yet another CMP to check my liver enzymes. After three tests of elevated results, I was getting a little scared. This one came back NORMAL! I was so relieved. Evidently it was the synthroid that caused to elevated results. Now I go back in July to get the CEA levels and CMP done again. Wow, it is really like feeding a vampire isnt it? Thanks and I hope people will keep us informed on Judy.

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Ahoy, Franny!

Doin' the happy dance for ya!

If ya gotta feed the vampire to slay the dragon, then so be it! Right?

Be well

- SpongeBob

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Definitely!!! I was so happy! I am trying to help myself with these feelings of panic before the test and then the euphoria with the word "normal" or the fear when something is "elevated". I know I am new to this just being 6 months into recovery but I dont think that the roller coaster of emotions will get much better as time passes. All of you guys have been such a blessing to me and I thank all of you for your help. It was amazing to me that until I told my PCP that maybe (?) the synthroid was the cause of the liver elevation, he didnt mention it! Thanks to jgibson for letting me know that is a side effect and telling me the website to go too! But anyway, I am thankful and happy at least until July 11!

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Hi Franny, Great news, so enjoy the relief!! It is amazing how much of an advocate and detective you need to be in health care these days. I'm a nurse, and prob somewhat a pain in the keister to my onc, but it's my life, sooo.
I'm now being treated for a vitamin K deficiency that no one knew I had til I developed a blood clot and they started me on a little coumadin and my values shot through the roof. Keep on staying on top of these issues. Regards, Judy

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great news for you franny. hope to celebrate nothing but good health and great reports.


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Great stuff franny--hey--all the best from oz for your upcoming tests--hang in there
kanga n Jen xxxxxxxxx

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