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Stage 1C, 6 Rounds!

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I've decided to go with 6 rounds of chemo; thank you ladies for all your input. I really appreciate you sharing your experiences with me. I did get the book about ovarian cancer recommended - after looking at it for so long, finally read it, returned it to the library and now don't remember author/title. Chemo Brain, don't u love it? Goes with Chemo Hair. Ha!

I've had a little break in chemo (appt mix up for CT delayed things) so I've been able to work enough to know I have rent plus through August and by then I hope to be back full-time - or as close as I can get to it!

Thanks again Ladies.

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I'll be praying for you that you'll continue to have the strength to endure this. I too had the stage 1C. Are you having Taxol/Carbo? Give a holler if you have any other questions. I'm sure you'll do well. Keep in touch!

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I'm glad you decided to go for the full 6 rounds. If you went 3 and then had a reccurence, you'd have to wonder if you should have gone the full 6 round course.

Good luck with the rest of your therapy, and with your rent - it's important to not be stressed out worrying about the mundane things. It's tough enough to deal with Chemo Brain (or "Chemonesia" as someone else called it)!

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