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Grandma047 - anyone heard anything?

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Hi all... been really busy here lately and hubby not feeling too good with his chemo. really sick to his tummy and headaches, etc. Trying to have a yard sale this week. Never knew we had so much stuff! Don't know how it all fit in my house :)
Anyway I haven't been able to keep updated much here and have been wondering about Grandma047 (Judy). I know she wasn't doing too well and they were going to go in and try her surgery a 2nd time. Has anyone heard anymore from her or her daughter? Please do keep her in your prayers. They say no news is good news, but in this cancer world, no news worries me...
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Sally Jo :) HUGS!

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Hullo Sally--first of all, our luv to you and your hubby--tell him to hang in there.Chemo is not fun at any time and we hope that his sickness is only short-term.
Has he conveyed his nausea problems to his clinic nurses?--gee--don't let him put up with too much of that.I tried several meds to stop it but was unsuccessfull--maybe different meds might help him.

Re ; JUDY---the last mail I rec. said that she was doing better--she did have a bad time for quite a while--most of the concern I believe was due to bleeding--they were unable to control it.
My last email from her daughter said that things were a little better although Judy was still in the ICU.
This email came to me on the 28th may.
It also said that the breathing tube had been removed and Judy was breathing better and that she was in good spirits.
According to the email all the cancer was removed.
I am afraid that is the most recent info I have and of course we all pray that her condition has improved since.
luv kanga and Jen

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Thanks for the info. Will have to talk to drs about other nausea meds. He doesn't vomit, just feels like he's going to and he is eating so I dont know if they'll give him something else or not. Thanks for the update on Judy, please let her daughter know we are rooting and praying for her. Thanks!
Sally Jo

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Hi Sally,

Thanks so much for asking about Judy. I too have been very busy lately and was wondering how she was doing. Kanga's news seems to say she is progressing now which is wonderful news. I am on the same stuff your hubby is (remember)and have completed 4 treatments so far (every other week). The 5 FU is the one that gets to me but I have found that eating good the day of and then eating during chemo helps me rebound quicker. I then eat 5 meals a day while on the drip and then for about 48 hours after it (have to force myself sometimes). Moving around physically also helps with my headaches and fatigue. I love to work in my yard. I am still working full time but may go to half days, just so I can concentrate on eating better and some other things.

On a different note, I had over 150 friends and families over for a good ole North Carolina pig pickin on this past Sunday. I asked them to come give me strength and warm thoughts for the "bad days" and boy did it do that!!!!! We ate 150 lbs of b-b-q chicken and 125 lobs of b-b-q pork with loads of sides and plenty of desserts. It was wonderful. This weekend is my niece's wedding in southern Georgia. Then I plan on resting lots!!!! You take care of yourself and I hope you make big bucks at your yard sale.

Lisa P.

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