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My New Friend!

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Everyone,

Please welcome my new friend Tracy ( Tracelia) whom I have now added to my friends list... She is a 38 year old single Mom with two beautiful little girls age 2 & 5. Tracy had surgery on May 20 and was diagnosed stage 4 with mets to liver & lungs. She is in the process of moving back to New Brunswick to start her treatment and to be closer to her family. Her Oncology Dr wll be starting her on Camptosar(CPT-11). I know there are a number of people on this site who have taken this drug including Stacy & Kerry so if you could shed some light that would be great. Any words of encouragement at this time would mean a great deal.

Thanks Semi-Colons,

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Hola, Tracy!

Welcome to the semi-colons! I'm sure Lisa has told you what a quiet and sedate group we are. Probably mentioned how we keep to ourselves and seldom have anything to say, right?

Well, just want you to know that you're among friends here and anything you need we're here o help. There are a lot of great folks here who have walked your path and come out on the other side of it feeling great and dishing out the attitude. Many of them hang out right here.

If you need info, advice, just to vent, to scream, or to cry, we're here for ya.

All the best. Keepin you and your girls in my thoughts and prayers.

- SpongeBob

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Hiya Tracey from "down under"----oh, n tks for the intro Lisa!
Hope we can be of some help to you Tracey, if not in the medical department then for sure in the support ward.Sorry to hear of your cancer, but you have come to the right place---great lotta guys n gals here to keep you comforted.
luv n huggies--kanga n Jen

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hi tracy!

any friend of lisa's is a friend of mine. i heard you met her on the canadian colon cancer alliance - that's where i met lisa! she told me to check out this website and i'm so happy she did. you'll find this site very comforting and useful. there are many great people who share the same experience. my mother has been diagnosed with rectal cancer in march - it's not easy but we're here to help.


i live in toronto

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Hey Tracy! (great name, by the way!)

Welcome to the best support system this side of the underwire bra! Lisa is a true friend, who definitely has a way of making experiences like this better.

I did have Camptosar. Cannot comment on side effects, as I didn't have any of them. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

Stay strong and positive,


P.S. Lisa--I have been SO busy...the kids got out of school last week for the summer, and I am already looking forward to the start of fall! I'll drop you a line on your other e-mail...take care!

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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

Stacey -

"Welcome to the best support system this side of the underwire bra..." I don't understand that reference. Can you explain?

How ya doin'? Still out here trying to make it home... You getting my newsletters and pix?

Talk to ya later...

- SB

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Posts: 1249
Joined: Mar 2003

Talk to your 'Hooter's' friends about the bra reference...

Keep those cards & letters coming, highlight of my day!

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Joined: May 2004

Hi Tracy and Lisa,

I am also Canadian! I live in the US but am from Ottawa.

Tracy, I am very new to this site also, having just been diagnosed this month with Stage III. I have felt so much support from the people here, its just wonderful. I have not yet started my chemo (am having the cath. implanted today and my chemo starts tomorrow) so I cant comment on the drug you are going to be taking but sure will if I find out anything along my way.

I wish you all the best - I wish ALL of us all the best in this battle we are fighting.

Dont hesitate to write if I can be of any help at all.


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Hi Tracy and welcome, I don't have experience with camptosar, but I know others here do; seems the responses to each chemo agent are pretty individual and things often go surprisingly well! Hope that this goes well for you. You are in my prayers. Regards, Judy

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Hi Tracy,

Welcome! Sorry you had to join us but hope we can be of service.

I cannot comment on the CPT-11 since I have only done Eastern Medicine (Alternative meds) and no chemo, but I can comment on what it's like to have cancer and have babies. My littlest one was 20 months old at my dx and still nursing. Thankfully she picked right up when I came home from the hospital and we didn't skip a beat inthat department. :-)

Lisa is great and you're fortunate to have hooked up with her.

If i can help in area of supplements/herbs/nutrition just send me an email!

peace, emily who has Canadian in-laws.

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Hi Tracy,

I had 5FU, Leucovorin and Camptosar. I did experience some side effects. Lots of diarrhea, some vomiting but all these can be controlled with medication from your doctor. I did have lots of bloating, the dreaded gas and some abdominal pain. A couple of times my liver enzymes did elevate. Make sure to report all symptoms to your doctor - don't assume anything is normal. Everyone experiences different side effects. I have been off my chemo for NEARLY A YEAR!! It will be a year July 9 and I am feeling so much better, and so far so good in all my checkup. You will be OK - you have a very good friend in Lisa Rose.

Take care and please feel to ask any questions. God bless you.


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Welcome, Tracy. You will find a loving and supportive group here. I wish you strength as you begin your chemo. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your girls.



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Lisa Rose
Posts: 597
Joined: Mar 2003

To All The Semi-Colons,

Thanks everyone for giving Tracy such a warm WELCOME...You guys & gals are the best ( And I Truly Mean That ). I'm sure when she is feeling better, since surgery was just 11 days ago you'll here from her yourself...

Thanks Again,


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Joined: Nov 2003

Hi Tracy, I'm also 38 years old and I have two kids (5 and 4) and expecting another in July. My surgery was in march 2001 with stage 3, with 4 lymph node involvement.

My chemo was with oxiplatin and irinotecan.

Keep in mind that your job at this point is to heal and take care of your family, they are your support.

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