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Hey everyone. As all of you have helped in the past, I need help again. I am just finishing radiation in my neck and chest. Yesterday and today are the first days I am feeling a problem with it, but it is scaring me. My neck and chest feel kinda tight. I am ok with breathing. When I eat, it feels like the food has to push itself all the way down and I get out of breath. I am trying to chew better and all but it is scaring me. Is this normal???? Has it happened before to anyone??? I am thinking the area may just be irritated and it may be a little swollen. Please reply if you know anything about it!!! Thank you.


  • stepet
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    It is very "normal" to have some trouble with swallowing. I couldn't eat at all during my radiation, so for you to just now be having some trouble is "good". It takes some time to get back to having no trouble swallowing, but it does get easier. Believe me there was a time when I thought I would never swallow again! Good luck and all the best. Sandi
  • sherra
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    I experienced much of the same thing when I went through radiation. My throat became very sore and my chest felt tight. My doc said this was normal and gave me some meds to help the pain in my throat. My doc also kept a very close eye on the condition of my chest to ensure I did not develop pneumonia.
  • psmitty
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    I had Hodgkins in 1980 and had radiation to the upper part of my body which still affects what I eat. If I eat something dry like a cracker I need to drink something quickly or I cant breathe. I don't remember feeling tight in my neck but I do remember a doctor telling me that maybe I had scar tissue from the radiation or loss of saliva. I do have to take synthroid because the radiation messed up my thyroid.