How Long will this go on for?

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My husband had been having regular PSA tests since the age of 50 with nothing out of the ordinary until October of 2002. The reading on that test had increased dramatically to 5.0. At that time our doctor suggested we wait and watch and do another PSA test 6 months later. We were told that a 5 reading for someone in my husband's age group was nothing to worry about and especially advised me to not waste any time worrying about it since I can be quite the worrier. We really weren't too concerned after what the doctor had told us but we did return for another test 6-1/2 months later. His PSA was now 26. He was immediately sent for a biopsy that showed that the cancer was a T2 and would soon be a T3, his Gleason reading was 7. The oncologist felt that radiation combined with hormone treatment was the way to go and my husbands name was added to a waiting list for radiation. It took 2 and 1/2 months after having them cancel two oppointments on us to finally get the appointment to begin radiation and again he was given more tests. By now it was the beginning of 2004 and the cancer had spread to outside the prostrate and into 3 or 4 lymphnodes. Any future surgery was now not an option. He did really well with the radiation treatments and even managed to go to work right up until the end of the 37 treatments. Things really took a turn for the worse tho following the last radiation treatment. Urinating became a bitter struggle. He spend the next 9 weeks with a cathater for odvious reasons. He lost weight and was very pale during that time. He fought off three bladder infections and finally two weeks ago they removed the catheter for the 4th time and thankfully it did not have to be reinserted. Things weren't too bad for that day but by the next day he couldn't go again without a real fight. After a few days he started to dribble a bit when he is in a relaxed state and then he started to go the entire time he is sleeping. He is very pale and tires easily and of course can not go to work. He's actually been off now since the treatments ended. We're wondering if anyone else has had radiation with hormone and especially are interested to know how they did afterwards. We're wondering how long the incontenance will go on for. The best answer we can get out of the onc is that everyone is different. We'd just like an idea so we can have a bit of hope that things will get back to normal again someday. We're looking forward to your comments.


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    1. The radiation obviously has caused some burning of the internal tissue but, if it had spread outside, the radiation probably had to cover an area at least the size of where they thought all of the cancer inhabited.
    2. Normally, a little wait time between discovery and follow-up psa test is not a big deal except that all of his tests were normal or zero and then jumps from 0 to 5.0 is a great cause for alarm I would think.
    3.Most PSA's generally creep up each year. This is not of normal concern, it is when it takes a dramatic jump that action is warranted.
    What you describe is similiar to the typical psa's of 1, 2, 2.2, 2.3 etc over years and all of a sudden jumping from there to 7.3!
    Waiting for a re-test in 6 months sounds like the standard procedure except for the dramatic change, I would have hoped more immediate testing would have been done to determine how agressive it was? biopsy

    The internal tissue has been burned with radiation and will take time to heal. As it heals, it may also cause scar tissue internally that occurs where it blocks or inhibits normal urniation and sexual activity. Need to keep careful watch for infections.These are all questions your doctor can address based upon where and how much radiation was applied. He had experience with other patients to pull from where we do not.

    God Bless and stay in touch and let us know how all is going? Things will never go back to where they were but you both will at some time settle into a "new Normal" for that time. It will just happen with time. Try to be patient. It is difficult on BOTH spouse and patient and we who have been there know this.
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    My psa score was 23 with a Gleason score of 9 and Im now 53 years old. I took a shot of Lupron and 40 rad treatments. I was replaced at work when I took two months off to recover and now have no job or insurance. My psa came down after treatment as expected but has since tripled in tha last six months. My urologist says to wait 6 mo. and get another psa test and if it continues to rise he will recommend more hormone treatment or worse. Ive preety much decided its not worth the damage it all causes at this point but I dont worry about it. I just keep going and enjoy every day. Stress and worry causes us to die younger so dont worry about things you can not change and have fun.