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freaked out - update

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Well, I had my appt with the ob/gyn today and the dr. says the bleeding seems to be coming from fissure(s) from straining to go. He did a rectal exam and felt nothing and saw nothing. I do go to the GI dr. tomorrow, but I am really relieved. Dr. recommended KY jelly to ease BM if I feel constipated. He also swants me to schedule a mommogram (I'm 34) but had a great aunt with breast cancer. We talked a lot about hubby and he was very disturbed to hear of his misdiagnoses. Says he learned 40 yrs ago in med school that a young patient that suddenly present with Arthritis (hubby dx with Rhuem. Arthritis last yr) that is a RED FLAG and often means CANCER. How comes my OB/GYN seems to know more than the stupid family DR/ ER doctors, Arthritis DRs, etc....? I tell you it just really tears me up! I will be bakck later as I on my way out right now. Just wanted to update you all... I will be researching this thing about arthritis and cancer in young people. Anyone else ever run into this. Someday here I am going to be getting the word out to people about this stuff - some kind of awareness thing or something. If it saves one life this has not all be for nothing. Thanks all for your support! God Bless. Talk soon.
Sally Jo

PS - Carmen - if you're reading this I got your email and will write a little later... :)Gotta go for now!

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Hi Sally Jo,
SEE!!! You had the same thing as me - fishers. Through my experience I've learned we have to be our OWN doctors! My family doctor knew my moms brother died of colon cancer (very late stage) and yet recommened my mom to go for a colonoscopy every 5 years. 5 years ago she went and it was was clear. 5 years later - stage 3 rectal cancer!! If she would have went every 2 years she would have been in an earlier stage!!! I HATE our family doctor!

Take care,

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Sally- I am so happy to hear that you got good news from the doc. Hopefully all the rest of tests will result in further good news and peace of mind.

Best wishes,


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