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DME...What is this?

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Check out this website www.DMEsource.com...is this for real? Read patent information especially.

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Not sure if this is for real but, I love a good sales presentation.
Are the "mammalians" referred to rats or human study subjects?

Did not really see any data using or in conjunction with "humans"? Maybe I missed it but it looks as if most tests were having the cancer cells put into petrie dishes with the substance added or mice?

Also, if this really works, better or differently than products/procedures on the market,would it have been purchased, partnered with or endorsed by pharmatical firms (larger, national)? I hope there is a trace of validity to the claim but, it appears to be a well written paper?

The patent information only confirms my original concerns?

Guess I am from the old school, "where's the beef" of proof, support data and testimonials from reputable, INDEPENDENT sources?

If, it has no track record of being effective, why would I consider it?

The FDA usually does not weigh in on anything unless it is posion thus, tests showing this is safe may merely mean that the ingredients are naturally occuring compounds in life and thus, would not be of concern?

What are the authors credientials? Check out the company etc....

Admittedly, I quick read the article twice and came away with the same lack of confidence. Ask your doctor, even if biased, you will at least get a medical input.

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I agree with most about the "story", but went a bit further and found through a Google search on Harvey Kaufman, an article written by a Dr. Meyer.

Also, he went to the work of gaining a patent. I find that to be a few notches above most "potion" salesmen.

Not being a biochemist, this is based on "zeolites"... articles I found on them called them "natures purifiers". Anybody know?


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