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Kidney Cancer Stage IV

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I have been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer Stage IV. I had a tumor removed from my spine in March,2004 and will be having my left kidney removed on May 27, 2004. I am looking for information regarding the very best Kidney Cancer Oncologists, The best Universities and Hospitals to receive treatment at, the best up-to-date treaments available and testimonials from people who have survived Stage IV Kidney Cancer and what treatments helped them to survive.

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Hey Ross,

We were just talking about this very subject (see below). You may want to try Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, or Sloan Kettering.

Try these links too:



Cleveland is ranked #46 in cancer, but #2 in urology, which includes kidney cancer. And, if you factor out bladder and prostate cancers, I would bet Cleveland would be #1 if kidney cancer was ranked by itself. I think you'll be in good hands with most of the places on the top of the list though.

Good luck. Hang in there.

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Hi Ross, I had my right kidney removed in Aug 2000 and have remained cancer free until this time. I am going to MD Anderson to have my right Adrenal gland removed (oh how I wish they had done this at thet time of my original surgery.) I was told of the Cleveland Clinic by U of Chicago and MD Anderson. They are doing something called Radio Frequency Ablation and have been having some success with this. However, not enough has been done on the adreanal gland, and I just wanted it surgically removed. If I have to have surgery every four years to stay alive, it is OK with me! Good Luck, just wanted you to know there are many Kidney Cancer Survivors. Read Hope When It Hurts by Larry Burkett. He beat the disease for 10 years and then died of a heart attack! But, he has great antidotal information in there.

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