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Daughter 21 Years Spindal Cell

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My daughter has high grade Myofibroblastic lesion on the skull base at the Occipital bone. Has gone through 30 days of IMRT, the good news is it is localized and has not spread, next on the agenda is Chemo 4 treatments every 3/4 days with Iformasod ( spelled it wrong) every 21-28 days she will get another treatment. New films MRI will take place in 2 weeks, hoping that the IMRT did something to this tumor, Chemo is also to kill anything that just may be around, and the possibility of shrinking it. Could not operate because not enough border and it was also on some major arteries. She has been in bed last few weeks since the radiation - At a great Hospital Sloan Kettering- I just have to hope everything works out, she is young and strong. Anyone has any encouraging news on this- please drop me an e-mail
owen.kelly@conagrafoods.com Thank you

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Hi, my son is 21 and was recently diagnosed with embryonic Rhabdomyosarcoma in the paratesticular region. It is localised, hence stage 1, I am thankful to the Lord for this. I am 42 and grew up with him, I love him like crazy and am worried 24/7 but I have much faith. Presently undergoing VAI chemo (Vindchristine,Dactinomycin and Ifosfamide). On third cycle, and doing fine. Spindle cell is a variant of Rhabdo (favourable prognosis). I have done vast research, if I can help, drop me line on brad.neilson@bigpond.com You, your daughter and family are in my prayers, HE will take good care of her, Regards Brad

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