blood clots

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Did anyone have trouble with blood clots due to the Hodgkin's?


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    Yes! My dad had 3 pulmonary embolisms. (lungs) It was due to the Bleomycin. When taking Bleomycin I don't care how old you are, your lungs should be monitored very frequently and it is common to remove the bleomycin around the 6th treatment. It happened to my dad. The way we found out about my dad having these clots was he could not walk two feet, he was so tired, had a fast heart rate, the clots were on his lungs, so the smallest clot cuts off oxygen and makes you very fatigued. I don;t know what kind of clots you have, but I would assume its from the bleomycin. My dad had a cat scan and thats when they saw the clots. He was treated succesfully with Coumdain and warfarin (blood thinners). He is doing really well he is finishing up his last chemo treatment.
    If you would like to email me I know alot about clots. My dad has been treated successfully by a New York Oncologist who is world renowed. Dr. Ahmed. My e-mail is [email protected]
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    Hi Bellarina, I too had blood clots while going through chemo. Mine were in my left upper arm/shoulder area, I had a porta-cath in on the left side also so I believe it had something to do with it. They put me on cumadin for awhile and it took care of the clots. Although still to this day the veins on my left upper arm/shoulder area are very close to my skin. Good luck to you!