New GBM Treatment option

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This is a clinical trial that people ought to know about. It is a Phase 3 study that has just started. It won't be for everyone of course, but I have trouble reading these boards without at least mentioning the possibility. IMO, it is by far the most promising treatment for GBM currently being tested.

Take a look at page 28 on this PDF link (if the link doesn't work, goto and click on the 2004 AANS Presentation). It has taken some time for the neurosurgeons to figure out how best to use this new treatment, but now that they have the early results are very encouraging. To put the chart on this page in perspective, median expected survival for recurrent GMB pts is about 24 weeks. The median in this trial is over a year, with many patients alive much longer and doing well. CED Kunwar.pdf

This is the study itself:

It won't be an option for everyone, but it could be worth exploring.


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    hubby is having them inserted after a recurrenceof gbm this monday may 24. don't know what to expect. have a friend who has survived over 7 years with gbm he has had the wafers also. this really looks promising as nothing else has worked so far contact me at [email protected]