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new--have a question

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My mom was operated on for stage 3 ovca in early April, after a few surgical set backs we are ready to start treatment tomorrow. It has been 6 weeks since the surgery and about two weeks ago she started with a constant nausea feeling.
She drinks supplements, but hasn't been able to eat much real food. We see her dr tomorrow before treatment, she has meds for nausea, her dr seems to think that this will go away once treatment starts, I know she may get sick a few days after from treatment, but don't know if it will get better. worried about how she will build up for her next treatment if she can't eat. Anybody know if the treatments may help her eat. Thanks

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Hello, Have her drink supplements is she can't eat. I couldn't eat much for a long time after surgery and then right after the chemo it got worse for me. The not eating after surgery is pretty typical and that will get better, she had them moving aroung a lot of her insides to remove the cancer and our bodies react. I have sent a prayer up for her as I know many more have and for you. What a wonderful caring daughter you are. Love & Prayers Bonnie

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I also had surgery for stage 3 ovarian, after surgery I was unable to eat but once I started treatments I actually ate well and gained weight. They gave me great nausea meds and told me to take even if I didn't feel nausea. Good Luck and God Bless You. I just finished my treatments a month ago If you have any ques. you can E-mail me.

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Hi. I'm just starting treatment tomorrow for stage 3. I had no problem with the surgery but am concerned about the treatment. Do you have any idea if the treatment was successful or is there no way to know. I've read some awful stats and wonder what it all means. Any advise?

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