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The doctor has changed his mind again and I am getting tired of it. He has decided that I should have surgery to remove the spot that has gotten bigger in size(1 1/2 cm from 8mm) and density before he does anything else. The spot is located on lower left lobe of my lung. Has anyone had this done before? Regarding the location,how long will I be in the hospital and out of work? Since I already have asthma,will this have a reflection my breathing also since the spot is in my lung? Also I have been told that the pain from this kind of surgery is worst then when you have an operation on your stomach? Is this true? I sure could some words of encouragment here. I am very afraid of them going back in again?


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    hello. i had double lung surg in 03 and it wasnt that bad for me anyway. i had a total of 17 lesions removed in hospital for 5 days then went home. they put an epideral in the upper part to help with discomfort for the first 3 days. you will probably get chest tubes and those r what bother u the most they r uncomfortable but bearable. on the 3rd day i started rehab on a bike and did alot of deep breathing to avoid pnemoinia. not going to tell you trying to deep breath is easy cuz that hurt as well but needs to be done. as far as asthma i cant speak on that end but i hope your theracic surgeon is clear with you on what to expect. i had my surg done at the Mayo clinic and it was not as bad as i thought. here is praying yours will be with minimal side affects. i know it is scary not knowing what may happen but i hope i shed some light in a dark place. take care.