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Good news - colonoscopy results

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Yesterday I had my one-year post-op colonoscopy. (I had cancer of the rectum diagnosed Dec 2002. Chemoradiation followed by surgery in April 2003, then postsurgical radiation). I got the results immediately - ALL CLEAR!! Yeah! Hoorah! As some of you know, I believe in celebrating every bit of good news - hope you don't mind my sharing this with you. I know I'm not out of the woods yet - but every day brings me closer. Also, I had been a little apprehensive about having a colonoscopy with a colostomy. For those of you in this situation facing the same, I can say: no problem. In fact, it was easier (no sphincter to overcome! No lying on your side!).
Best wishes to all,

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Congratulations!!!! Of course you should celebrate. I hope that you continue to recieve healthy good news.

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Tara,

EXCELLENT NEWS ! ! ! Wishing you continued success.... That first year milestone is " huge " and like yourself, that's a good reason to celebrate.

Yesterday I also had good news the results of my pelvic & abdominal ultrasounds came back... Nothing was found all clean so at 26 month's since surgery I'm one Happy Girl. Sometimes I just feel where I had 10 positive nodes it's time for the shoe to fall off the other foot, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The funny thing is I'm going out today to buy a new pair shoes!

Again Congratulations,
Lisa ( A Happy Girl In Moncton )

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Great News Tara! These milestones are so important - it takes us a step at a time and feels "Oh, so good". Congratulations! I am about 17 months post-op and 10 months post-chemo and I can't tell you how good I am feeling now. We just have to stay positive and fight this dragon!


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congratulations !!
that is fantastic news.

My mom has a similar situation to yours, so it is very uplifting to hear such great stories!!

I hope you have some celebrations planned.

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Congratulations Tara - truly wonderful news!
My husband Chris was diagnosed with rectal ca in April '03, Monday he will have his very first colonoscopy if you can believe that. He's extremely nervous about it - he's still very much in that "waiting for the other shoe to drop" mode. He also has a colostomy so is nervous about the procedure itself.
Thanks for sharing your success - I wish you continued good health and and a long and happy life.

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Hi Tara, We all need to hear good news like yours! Keep on celebrating!!! I've heard that the first year is the riskiest for recourrance/mets, so breathe a big sigh of relief. It sounds like yu've made such a good adjustment to life after treatment; it's relieving for all of us to hear. Celebrating with you! Regards, Judy

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Congratulations to Tara and Lisa. You deserve to celebrate. I would be too!!!! Say a prayer that I get good news when I have surgery Thursday. I look forward to that day when I have a clean colonoscopy and I will have the colostomy too, so I kinda wondered about that. Talk to you all soon.
Love and prayers, Judy H.

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Yippee! Yahoo! Fantastic! Excellent! Congratulations!


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Dear Tara
GREAT NEWS!! I'm so happy for you. Cheers to leaving the woods and entering the garden. Best of luck and health to you always!

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GREAT NEWS!!! i love postive postings!! i am VERY happy for you!! ALL THE BEST!!!

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Hiya Tara--WAY TO GO!
Nothing better than a great bit of news to keep us all a little happier--hoping you have many more posts with the same result!!
luv n huggs--kanga n Jen

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My husband is having his first colonoscopy since he had a colostomy 1 year ago due to cancer. We were not told to prep ahead of time is that normal? I hope it is because I hate to have to reschedule so close to the holidays! Concerned any answers?

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though I don'y have a firm answer, but I do remember a couple of our members with colostomies saying once that they didn't prep. I think they might have done something, but not the prep that the rest of us do. 

Hopefully someone else will pop on before you head out. 

Good luck to your husband. 


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I did a colonoscopy without a prep when I went to the ER (no time to prep). They were only after a biopsy with that one. I had a real one with prep a few weeks later.

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