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Kidney cancer

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Husband just diagnosed with kidney cancer. Doctor recommends removal of left kidney. Please anyone who has lived with one kidney please email us. He needs some encouragement. Thanks

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Hey Mimi, if living with one kidney is the worst thing your husband has to face, you're in pretty good shape. My wife (the doctor) says the overwhelming majority of people with one kidney are absolutely fine, and never even notice the difference. My nephrologist tells me that you could basically survive with only a quarter of just one kidney. Your husband only has to remember to take care of the one that's left.

I was lucky, in that I got to keep most of the kidney with cancer. But the payment due for that was that the surgery to remove only a part of the kidney is much worse than the surgery to remove the whole thing. Just make sure they remove the whole thing laproscopically -- minimal pain, scar, and time for recovery.

Please email me if you have any questions. Hang in there. This isn't too bad once the cancer is totally removed.

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Hi, I had my right kidney removed four years ago. It was the only treatment for my Kidney Cancer. I had lots more treatment for colon cancer I also had at the same time. However, 4 years later it has returned to my right adrenal gland. I sure wish they had taken it at the same time, but it did not look like the cancer had left the sac and they felt I had pretty good odds not to get a re occurance. Well 4 years later.....still if I had to have surgery every four years to stay alive. line up the surgeons. I expereinced no problems with the loss of thie kidney. Recovery from the surgery took about 4 weeks, (I was laying on a table receiving radiaiton and getting chemo 24/7 by pump every day by then!) After care has been no problme, but you do have to remember to drink more water to take care of the one remainint! God Bless!

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I had my right kidney removed in 2002, and thanks be to God I have no problems. I do take med's to help keep my left kidney in tacked. I have lung problems and sometimes the med's I take for my lungs mess with my kidney. Let your husband know that he will be just fine, just keep his spirits up and trust me God will bring both of you through this.

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