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moms surgery booked

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Hi all,
This is my mother's 5th and last week of chemo radiation. She is looking & feeling GREAT!! The surgery has been booked for July 8th. Thanks to everyone who responded to my 'depressed' posting. I'm feeling a bit better. There are good and bad days as you all know. The good will out weigh the bad - I know it!!!


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Hey Julie, Glad your mom has surgery scheduled. When you first start the chemo and radiation, it seems so long, but goes by fast. The surgery date will come fast too. I know. Mine is Thursday. I will be praying for your mother. I will try and have my daughter come on here after I have surgery and update you all. I had a few peoples email addresses here and gave them to her to send an email. I hope everything continues to improve for your mom and that her and my surgery gets rid of this cancer, once and for all.
Love and prayers, Judy H

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Dear Julie,
How wonderful that your mom is finishing her chemoradiation! Glad to hear she is feeling so well. It's good that the surgery is all scheduled. Hope she rests up before it. Best wishes to you both.

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I will pray for your mom that she recovers quickly. She is lucky to have you to help her. My daughter also was a big help through my illness. I had an epidural for pain control post-op that was wonderful. Tell your mom to ask anesthesia about one.

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Dear Julie
So glad to hear that your mom has tolerated her treatments well and that she's looking and feeling great! Even though life likes to throw us some bad days every once in a while (maybe to keep us humble), the good days do out-weigh the bad ones. I'll pray for a successful surgery for your mom as well. Best of luck & health to you both!

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Hey Jules---mum will be fine 'cos the rainbows are coming thick and fast from oz.
Prayers for her and luv to yah,kanga n Jen

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